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October 30, 2009

This Wonderful Life: To Posey on her fourth


Just look at what the last year has brought. A year ago, only your closest family could understand every word you said. Now you can entertain perfect strangers with elaborate stories about your family members.

You can snap your fingers and cross the monkey bars and very nearly whistle. I cannot wait to see what comes next, and what comes after that, and after that.

As a mother, it is nigh impossible to resist the urge to make predictions. I watch you put on a princess dress and grab a guitar, and I think, ``She’s going to be a rock star.’’ I watch you hang by your knees at the playground, and I think, ``A gymnast!’’ I watch your tightrope routine and think, ``The next Tina Fey.’’

But I know very well that all those predictions are idle amusements with very little connection to the future you will make for yourself.

But there are some things that I know for sure about you - things that will be a part of who you are no matter what you do.

You are strong, both in body and soul. You have a love that is as big and warm as the August sun. You have a mom, dad, brother and (eve, even) a sister who can’t believe their luck to be your family.

Elizabeth Trever Buchinger is happy to be a supporting player in her daughter’s Britcom. You can connect with her at www. moremindfulfamily.wordpress. com

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