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November 5, 2009

This Wonderful Life: A view through bare branches


A difficult and expensive house guest who comes unannounced with no clear plans for leaving.

I began to think of snow tires and oil bills and evenings that grow dark before the end of a banker’s workday. I sighed.

Next to me, Bee sighed too, but hers was more wistful, more like the sigh one makes settling into a feather bed or a bubble bath.

``Maybe Dad can make a fire tonight,’’ she beamed up at me with an excited grin. I could tell that she was thinking of mittens and sledding and snowmen.

``That would be perfect,’’ I told her.

Okay, Winter. You can come in. The guest room is yours, and I’ve laid out extra towels. Leave your shoes by the front door and don’t monkey with the thermostat without asking.

Elizabeth Trever Buchinger hopes you’re as cozy and warm as the Elm Fairies. You can connect with her at www.moremindfulfamily.

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