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November 12, 2009

Hawthorn Hill: Woes lead to hopelessness

Perhaps it is the dreariness of the day that causes me to have these feelings not so much of despair, but of hopelessness. I looked out my study window a few moments ago and saw that our six remaining chickens are having a great time pecking at the decaying pine logs stacked in a long row to the left of the hen house. They seem undaunted by the rain. I guess those old, soft logs provide them with a lot of supplemental protein. I never get so down that I wish to be a chicken, but I do feel once in a while as if I am pretty close to the barrel’s lonely bottom.

Sandy and I have just gotten over a several days illness, each of us having contracted a variation of whatever bug happened to be making the rounds. So I guess that has had something to do with they way I seem to be feeling about the state of affairs ``in these United States’’ these days. The situation up north has exasperated the hell out of me. I happen to believe that politics is indeed local — and that it should be left that way. Some outfit called ``The Club for Growth,’’ whatever that means, camped out in the 23rd district trying like hell to undermine the Republican candidate’s candidacy.

It looks like it backfired on them. And that is good.

Besides, all’s I can figure is that these blokes have either lost their jobs and have nothing better to do or some fat cat has subsidized their little vacation so that they need not make any effort at all at HOME to bring about the so-called growth they champion.

I did not realize that growth needed a club, but I guess that when one has nothing better to do joining a useless club and mucking up someone else’s pond is better than sitting at home ranting to oneself about the state of family values.

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