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November 19, 2009

This Wonderful Life: I wish someone had told me


You don’t have to have a fool-proof plan for the future. If you keep waiting for the plan to seem foolproof, you’ll lose valuable time that you could be using to do things like figure out how to take a trip to Italy or learn how to paint.

It’s no disgrace to be less than a wunderkind. Instead of thinking of Mary Shelley writing ``Frankenstein’’ when she was 19, think of Frank McCourt, who spent his career teaching high school students, then wrote ``Angela’s Ashes’’ and won a Pulitzer Prize after age 65.

You can spend years in passive introspection and self-reflection in hopes of solving your problems and discovering yourself. Or you can spend hours actively working to apply whatever time, talents and resources you have to solving someone else’s problems, and end up creating yourself in the process.

You don’t always have to be so savvy and together.

You’re the only one who’s constantly watching to see if you’ve made a mistake.

Elizabeth Trever Buchinger still probably wouldn’t listen to her time-traveling self, but that makes life more interesting. You can connect with her at www. moremindfulfamily.wordpress. com.

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