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August 16, 2012

Cooperstown’s sense of community ...


Later that year, in our column of Oct. 26, we firmed up our idea of sharing our annual fall traipse around downtown by noting that “...on Friday, Nov. 10 we invite any and all interested persons to meet at the entrance to Doubleday Field parking lot at 10 a.m. .. At some point we will take in lunch and then  continue our  stroll.”

We asked that anyone interested in joining us to let us know. Unfortunately, as with so many things, all did not go exactly as planned. In fact, our report in the column of Nov.22  on the events of Nov. 10 read: “We are sorry to  report that our planned ‘Cooperstown Walk About’ which was to be held on Friday, Nov. 10 was a victim of  Mother Nature. Four of the five people who expressed an interest in participating, canceled out because of  the rainy weather. And, since there were only two of us at the entrance to Doubleday Field parking lot at 10  a.m., we decided to go for coffee instead. So the ‘Cooperstown Walk About’ became very quickly the  ‘Cooperstown Sit Around’.”

Thus we are indeed hopeful that the plans for this year’s Main Street “Open  House” fare better than ours did in 2000. And we also hope that we will find we will be able to participate in  the event.

Other plans that were outlined by the mayor for the “Celebrate Cooperstown” included food. We  are, of course, always in favor of events which include food. And while we must admit we are somewhat  uncertain as to the details of the proposed food events, we would point out that our experience, both  with the annual Upper Pioneer Street block party, which we attend, and the Eagle Street block party, about which we receive reports for this column, have been most positive.

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