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August 23, 2012



From Detroit

Judge Porter of Stoloffer, arrived in this village last evening, directly from Detroit, to whose politeness we are indebted for the following Important Information: That when he left Detroit on the 29th ult.[July], Gen. HULL was strongly fortified in Canada, nearly opposite -- his whole force about 3000 men -- his intention was not to act offensively till he should have receive reinforcement from the Governors of Kentucky and Ohio, to who he had sent expresses for 2000 soldiers and which were daily expected. -- Buffalo Gazette

COMMENT: As we shall see, “acting offensively” was no longer a part of the psyche of the elderly Revolutionary General William Hull.

Mob in Plymouth

At a Court of Sessions begun and held at Plymouth [Mass.], for the county of Plymouth, on the first Tuesday of Aug. 1812: Whereas Charles Turner, Jun. Esq., the Chief Justice of the Court of Sessions for said County, arriving in town for the purpose of attending the business of said County, was violently assaulted by a mob, seized, kicked and pushed through the streets in a most shameful manner, his person injured and his feelings insulted; and the Court having also having been insulted on their way to the Court-House, are of opinion, that in this alarming state of affairs in this town, an adjournment of this Court is proper and necessary -- hereupon Ordered, That this Court be adjourned to the fourth Tuesday of September next; and that the Clerk be directed to enter this order on record, and to notify by advertising in the public newspapers, or notification to each town in the county, the time to which the Court stands adjourned.

COMMENT: Charles Turner, Jr., (1760-1839) was at this time also the Republican representative in Congress for the Plymouth District, which suggests that the mob was a Federalist one. He is best known today, perhaps, as the first white man to climb Mount Katahdin (in 1804).

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