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August 23, 2012



For the Otsego Herald Cherry-Valley,

Aug. 16, 1812 MR. PHINNEY.

On Thursday last, Mr. Warren, our political leader here, informed us that, “When a government is founded on the public will, and the rulers of a nation derive their authority immediately from the people, different opinions will be formed on dif'

ferent subjects, and men of different principles will be elected to office.” I hope he meant that “men of different” opinions, or sentiments, “will be elected to office” for...the vast majority of American citizens of all parties, have the same principles. ... Mr. Warren said the Union was divided and that...the very existence of the “nation was in jeopardy, and that it is rapidly verging towards a state of despotism and ruin.” I was astonished at his terror, and the tory picture which he drew.... No tory in the height of declamation could have drawn the awful situation of the United States in more horrid and degrading colors.

I shall call on you soon and pay you for the History of Rome. Mr. W. had the History of Rome and Greece on the tip of his tongue.

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