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June 24, 2010

Home Notes: A busy month at the Home


Never a dull moment!!!! I don’t know where to begin. We have had a very busy June so far. Each day includes planned activities and many `surprise’ activities as well. One of our newest and most popular activities (except for Happy Hour) is the Surprise Activity.

Each week a different staff member plans and hosts an activity that no one knows what it will be until they show up. The attendance has been overwhelming.

On June 14 we played a memory game with Susan Kenyon. The theme was the ocean and photographs were hidden behind numbered cards and had to be matched. All the residents won!

Dining Services Manager Kathy Lindberg acted as ``Daphne,’’ one of her many comedic characters, along with her Golf Pro Luigi played by Facilities Manager Frank Miller.

Daphne and Luigi had set up a putting range in the living room. All residents had several chances for that elusive ``hole-in-one.’’ While several were made, the top putter was Pat DeBaun with the other residents close behind.

Dee Bouck, PCA arranged for a real old fashioned ice cream truck to come to the Home.

Dee teased the residents with a question and answer session until they guessed what the surprise would be. It was a rainy day but that did not dampen the excitement one bit.

Mary Butler, LPN celebrated her birthday by hosting one of her favorite things - a singalong. Resident Dottie Bly played the piano while the rest of the residents and staff sang their hearts out.

Then Mary served cupcakes she had made to everyone. No one wanted the fun to end.

One of our well-attended planned activities on June 7 was Maie Sepp’s Piano Recital. Her students were amazing.

Such talent.

This performance was enjoyed by Alberta Bowes, Bill Bowes, Bobbie Mook, Art and Bunnie Laidlaw, Hilde Parr, Wally Pickhardt, Leon Rathbun, Ralph Veenema, Pat DeBaun, Dot Gardner, Peg Hage, Fannie Navarra, Martha Quinn, Ellen Hankin and Wanda Noyes.

On June 10 Wally Pickhardt, Wanda Noyes, Peg Hage, Hilde Parr, Pat DeBaun, Dot Gardner and Martha Quinn joined Janet Saporito, PCA for a session of ``Laughlines.’’ Janet told many new jokes. Thank you to Hilde for bringing her favorites too.

Later the same day was our Staff Appreciation Dinner at Camp Minnetoska.

Administrator Laurie Blatt presented each staff member with a service recognition award. Staff members and their families enjoyed Brook’s chicken BBQ, some libation, and great conversation while they were able to swim, dance or just kick back.

On June 15 our Bird Watchers group, guided by Nancy Rackmyer, LPN, took a field trip to Nancy’s farm in the hamlet of Pleasant Brook. The CWTH van was full with Nancy and her fellow bird watchers Doris Blomquist, Pat DeBaun, Peg Hage, Bobbie Mook, Wanda Noyes and Ralph Veenema. They saw a variety of birds including two pair of nesting bluebirds. Others seen were gold finches, cedar waxwings and Baltimore orioles. Some unexpected entertainment was birds diving in the pond. Nancy said they also heard a bobolink, swallows, starlings and red-winged blackbirds.

The sweet smell of the wild roses took over the van as Nancy picked a bouquet for the Home.

The Home’s Green Thumbs have our vegetable and herb garden planted. What a great job and many thanks to Carol Affourtit, PCA, and residents Pat DeBaun, Wanda Noyes and Bobbie Mook. Our perennials continue to look gorgeous. The irises are grand this year.

Jeanette Hansen, Wally Pickhardt, Bobbie Mook, Sue Stevens, Pat DeBaun, Doris Blomquist, Dottie Bly, and Dot Gardner can often be seen watching our feature matinee on the big screen TV. Some of our recent movies have been ``Field Of Dreams’’ starring Kevin Costner and, my all time favorite, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s ``The Sound of Music’’ staring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

June 18 was another very busy day.

Bobbie Mook organized a flower arranging session with Wanda Noyes and Pat De- Baun. Beautiful arrangements were made with fresh picked daisies, clover, mallow, wild roses and Queen Anne’s lace.

The arrangements sit on the mantle in the living room looking spectacular. Next, our culinary and dining staff, Chrissy Karpowich, Mary Nolan, Sean Killian, Sheila Jones and Kathy Lindberg prepared and served a wonderful picnic dinner consisting of BBQ chicken on the grill, fresh corn on the cob, salads and watermelon.

Residents Pat DeBaun, Martha Quinn, Natalie Laidlaw along with Lauren Miller helped with the preparation by shucking the corn and personal care staff Mary Butler, Sandy Brigham and Carol Affourtit helped serve. In the afternoon, everyone gathered to celebrate our June birthdays.

The honorees were Leon Rathbun and staff members Jackie Renwick, Dee Bouck, Mary Butler and Frank Miller. We also honored fathers by each person reading a Father’s Day quote.

On June 19, Dr. Arthur and Natalie ``Bunny’’ Laidlaw celebrated their 67th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations!!! Family, residents and staff joined them to enjoy a beautiful cake made by culinary staff member Darcey Schilling.

Art and Bunny were visited by their sons Robin and Tex, their spouses, and granddaughter Natalie.

Summer is finally here and we plan to enjoy every day of it. We hope you do too.