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October 18, 2012

Our gallant seamen


Britain began the war and carried it on for years, before America authorized or committed a single hostile act! She has forced our government to draw the sword — and there is now no alternative but resistance or submission — independence or subjugation — liberty or slavery! — AMERICANS, which do you prefer? — True American

COMMENT: The accuracy of many of these accusations is open to question, but in wartime such matters are often overlooked.

Our gallant seamen

Commodore Rodgers, wishing to put to sea on the 4th (Oct.) in quest of a British frigate said to be on the coast, requested of Capt. Hull the loan of 60 men. Capt. Hull read to his men the commodore’s note, when the word “volunteer” resounded through the ship, every man offering his service; and in 30 minutes the number desired were on their way with their baggage.

Sixty more from the frigate United States volunteered to go out in the Congress; but the wind prevented them from putting to sea.

COMMENT: Commodore John Rodgers (1772-1838) commanded the U.S. Frigate President during most of the War of 1812. Captain Isaac Hull (1773-1843) was commander of the U.S. Frigate Constitution.

Tornado in New Orleans

On the 19th and 20th of August, a tremendous hurricane was experienced at New Orleans, which lasted with dreadful severity for four hours. Most of the houses were unroofed; and the shipping in the harbor driven ashore and sunk. [Long list of ships driven ashore, sunk, or otherwise damaged], and all the river craft, barges, market boats, &c. crushed to atoms. It is to be feared, the sugar crop will be mostly lost. —  N.Y. Spectator.

Otsego volunteers

In the county of Otsego, in this state, four companies of exempts are organized. They have volunteered their services and hold themselves in readiness to march at a moment’s warning. 

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