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October 25, 2012

Human nature ... consistently inconsistent

We were pleased to hear the recent “Fall for Cooperstown” event was well-received by those who took part in the various activities.

 Unfortunately, given our current mobility issues, we found that we thought it best not to push our luck by attending the festivities and end up in still worse shape. Thus we were dependent upon reports from those who attended to keep us informed. And while we did not receive a huge number of firsthand reports, we were indeed most happy to have received via email a photo of the potluck dinner on Main Street as that particular event intrigued us the most.

Fortunately, for those who attended the potluck the weather got its act together and was quite pleasant by the time the dinner started.

And the picture we received featured a group of people, seated at the long, long table, against a lovely background of fall foliage. All in all, it looked like a most pleasant affair. However, the number of alcoholic beverages being consumed in the picture did give us pause. In fact, we must admit we were quite surprised by the presence of alcoholic beverages.

We knew that people attending the dinner were asked to bring a dish to pass, as well as their own table service and beverage. But, given the village’s stand on alcoholic beverages in other venues, we were stunned they were permitted in this instance. A quick check of the village’s website will confirm that alcoholic beverages are not permitted in at least two village parks, Three Mile Point and Fairy Springs.

We also know that when the permit is issued each year to Upper Pioneer Street to close the street for the annual block party, note is made that alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be consumed on the street itself.

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