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October 25, 2012



He then hastened to the gate and found two or three waggons had passed ... the deceased [Joel Luce] demanding the toll. Mr. R. shut the gate and requested the deceased to assist him ... The deceased ... appeared to have been hurt. A man then on foot struck the deceased several times with a club, who cried out ...

A pistol was presented and snapped. The whole gang in a most violent and blasphemous and outrageous manner, threatened every one with instant death ... The deceased offered no violence to any one ... 

After the waggons had all passed, 2 men came back, and said they believed Luce was not quite dead, and said “we had better go into the house and give him a little more lead.” They however immediately made off.

COMMENT: Luce, who came from Hubbardton, Vt., died six days later. Rumsey suffered from assault and battery. Lyman Holley was arrested for the murder, along with a number of others. It’s not clear what happened to them. Luce’s wife, Phoebe Beach Luce, who had married him in 1808, witnessed the murder and it so unbalanced her mind that she never recovered her reason.

Pay Up Please

Notice. All those indebted to the subscriber, for a full quarter of the “Otsego Herald,” are requested to make immediate payment. JA. P. WOOLSEY. Oct. 25th 1812.

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