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May 16, 2013

Local Voices From Around the Globe: World traveler calls Euro-Tour experience of a lifetime

While I’ve had a great time throughout my entire exchange, I can say hands down that the month of April brought me the best memories of my exchange if not some of the best of my entire life. What kind of wonder would bring me to say this? Simple. Euro-Tour.

Imagine this. One bus, 53 seats, 53 exchange students, 11 days and a big chunk of Europe to discover. While all of those things put together may sound a little intimidating at first, I can tell you from recent experience, that it’s simply amazing.

On April 11, I met up with a big group of fellow exchange students at a train station in Paris to embark on what ended up being the trip of a lifetime. Right off the bat, there was noise, laughter, conversations made up of dozens of different languages, but most of all, excitement as we headed off to our first stop of the trip. Together we visited Strasbourg, France, located in the north of the country. While we only stayed there for a day, we were able to see its beautiful cathedral, architecture and quaint river, winding through the center of the town.

Day two brought us to Nuremberg, Germany, which with the change in language, made us all feel like we were back in the beginning of our exchange again, when we understood nothing. It was funny to discover ourselves wondering if we should speak French or English. It’s a cool feeling to know that you have a choice to choose a language to speak, and that English is not your only option now. In Germany we were able to learn a lot about Nazism and Hitler’s Regime. Many of the places we visited I recognized from pictures from history books in the past. Being able to stand in places where such history was a little eerie.

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