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May 16, 2013

Local Voices From Around the Globe: World traveler calls Euro-Tour experience of a lifetime


After two days in Venice, I was sad to leave, but I knew there’d be other great things ahead. Our next stop was Milan, one of the shopping capitals of the world. Having come from Venice, a little city with an old-time feel, stepping foot in this booming, metropolitan city, was a little bit of a shock, but memorable nevertheless.

The final stretch of our trip had its own twist as we headed up into the snow-covered Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the Alps. Coming from Upstate New York, I’m used to snow. The snowy landscapes that I saw during my last few days of my trip though, are something I’ll remember forever. Again, it felt like I was in another world of some kind. I didn’t know anything the size of these mountains could even exist. We took a bright red train made especially for climbing mountains time and time again higher and higher for a view unlike anything else. When we first arrived at what we thought was the top, it was so foggy it was easy to miss the person standing right in front of you. We were all a little disappointed that we’d miss out on the amazing view that we had imagined having, but all of the sudden, the slightest wind came by, pushing all the fog away, and leaving us with a perfect view of yet another enormous peak just in front of us. We were high, but it was even higher.

Traveling has always been something I’ve loved doing. I grew up venturing to great places with my family, and have been able to experience so many great things. This trip, however, really was the trip of a lifetime, and although it may have not been with my real family, it was with my adopted family of 53 fellow exchange students, which is the next best thing.

Ashley Bliss is a Cooperstown Rotary exchange student. Follow her adventures on her blog at

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