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May 16, 2013

Maryland port attacked


“Thirteen barges lay afloat half a mile below the town, and had threatened publicly to burn Charleston this morning.

“The alarm which this invasion occasioned, extended in every direction to the distance of several miles; and men, women and children, with furniture, horses, sheep &c. were seen flying in every direction. The bay side is generally abandoned. – Aurora.”

COMMENT: Beginning in 1813, the British Navy began to blockade American ports, especially in the areas of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, and to mount raids against coastal communities there.

Governor Re-elected: Federalists Gain

[Table of April 1813 Otsego County Election Returns]

COMMENT: In New York State elections held in April 1813, Gov. Daniel Tompkins (1774-1825) was re-elected, defeating the Federalist Stephen Van Rensselaer (1764-1839). His Democratic-Republican Party also carried New York’s State Senate. However, the Federalist Party, making an important – if temporary – comeback because of opposition to the War of 1812, carried the New York Assembly for several years, with a big enough majority to choose a Federalist United States Senator. It also elected 19 of New York’s 28 Congressmen.

A year before the Federalist controlled Assembly had changed the name of our village from the village of Otsego, which the previous Democratic-Republican majority had dubbed it when the village was incorporated in 1807, to its present name of the village of Cooperstown. As a result village trustees first elected in 1807 ended their “strike” and began to govern!

In Otsego County voters supported all Federalist candidates, though generally with small majorities.

British Blockade of American Ports

FOREIGN OFFICE, March 30, 1813. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to cause it to be signified by Viscount Castlereagh, his Majesty’s principal Secretary of State for foreign affairs, to the ministers of friendly and neutral powers residing at this court, that the necessary measures have been taken, by the command of his Royal Highness, for the blockade of the ports and harbors of New-York, Charleston, Port Royal, Savannah, and of the river Mississippi, in the United States of America; and that, from this time all the measures authorized by the law of nations will be adopted and executed with respect to all vessels which may attempt to violate the said blockade.

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