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December 27, 2012

Local Voices from Around the Globe: Pig slaughter not the best experience


Besides my joyful excursion with my councilor, I spent a lot of time with my fellow exchange students over the month. I spent a weekend in Szolnok and had a Rotary orientation in Gyor. I have grown to love my crazy group of inbounds, despite only knowing them for three months. Gyor is northwest of Budapest and a two-hour train ride. It is a beautiful city with a culture of its own it seems. 

We participated in an interactive science museum, toured a monastery, and went to Parapark. Parapark is when a group of people are locked in the room and have to escape in a certain amount of time. I will admit, it was terrifying and I really enjoyed it. Sadly my team and I didn’t solve the puzzle in time to be successful.

I will be changing families very soon, a transition that I am ready for. Probably by the time you are all reading this I will have had already moved. I admit that I didn’t get along with my host family very well. We have had our differences in opinion and a few misunderstandings. If I’m to be honest though, I’m being very politically correct. I appreciate what they have done for me, but it is time for me to move on. The sad part of this is that I will have to be changing schools along with my next family. I am moving across the city to live in Pest. For those who don’t know, Budapest is cut in half by the Danube River. I am currently living on the Buda side and it would take me at least two hours to get to school everyday. I will be leaving my friends behind, but I still plan to keep contact. I think I will do better with this next host family because I’m not as preoccupied with everything being new. I can focus on properly building a lasting relationship, something I regret not being able to do with my first host family.

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