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January 17, 2013

Gunpowder explosion

From the Otsego Herald

for Saturday, Jan. 16, 1813

Compiled, with comments



Died, in Cazenovia, on the 15th ult. [December] Mr. JOSEPH HEWES, in the 19th year of his age, son of Mr. Daniel Hewes of Springfield, in this county. He was a volunteer in his country’s service, and was on his return from Niagara, to his native town — but the cold hand of death arrested him on his journey! Thus has a patriotic volunteer met an early death far from friends and relatives.

COMMENT: Joseph John Hewes was born Feb. 16, 1793, the son of Daniel Hewes (1755-1846) and Sarah Cushman (1755-1836). He had six brothers and five sisters.

Cooperstown street law


Passed November 22d, 1812

I. Be it ordained by the Trustees of the Village of Cooperstown, That one fifth part of the street on each side thereof, be appropriated for side walks, and that no person shall lay, deposit or leave any wood, timber, wagon, cart, sleigh, wheelbarrow, or other obstruction whatever, in or upon the said side walks, under the penalty of twenty-five cents for every offence, and the further sum of twenty-five cents for every twenty-four hours the said obstruction shall be thereafter suffered to remain on the same.

II. And be it further ordained, That no person shall drive any wagon, cart, sleigh or sled, or ride on horseback on any of the said side walks, under the penalty of twenty-five cents for every offence.

III. And be it further ordained, That every person shall keep open the ditch adjoining to the side walk opposite his lot, and that every person who shall neglect or refuse to do so, within twenty-four hours after notice given him by one of the Trustees, shall forfeit and pay twenty-five cents.

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