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January 17, 2013

Gunpowder explosion


Gunpowder explosion

We are informed that the Powder Mills, near Blandensburgh, were on Monday night, about one o’clock, set on fire, as it is believed, by an incendiary. The fire was discovered in the centre building and immediately the inhabitants of the neighborhood left their houses.

In about 15 minutes the house exploded, containing about four thousand pounds of powder. From the judicious arrangement of the establishment, the explosion was not communicated to other buildings; already the operations have been renewed.

The loss is stated not to exceed six thousand dollars, although the explosion was so violent, as to have shattered the glass of houses two miles distant, to have raised from the ground large frame buildings, bursting out their windows and doors…. 

General Hull returns

We learn from Washington City, that general Hull has been exchanged, not for 30 pieces of silver, but for 30 soldiers. It is expected he will be tried without delay. – Democratic Press.

COMMENT: Gen. William Hull (1753-1825) was the American officer who had on Aug. 16, 1812, surrendered Fort Detroit to British General Sir Isaac Brock without firing a shot, even though his troops far outnumbered the British. As this item indicates, he was widely considered a traitor to America. He was court-martialed and sentenced to death, but President Madison pardoned him. Hull died in Newton, Mass., after publishing two memoirs defending his conduct at Detroit.

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