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October 14, 2011

Home Notes: Many surprises, much fun in September


“Rainbows apologize for angry skies.” -- Sylvia Voirol

The month of September began on a damp note at the home. The rains of  Hurricane Irene, flooded basements andwashed out roadways making it impossible for some staff to get to work during their scheduled times. Thank you to all who helped cover for each other during the rains!

Residents husked their last ears of corn for the summer. A total of 48 ears were husked for dinner by Art Laidlaw, Jeanette Hansen, Patsy DeBaun and Norma Wagner. The husk remains were gathered up for Jan Scrafford, RN, to take home to her goats for their dinner. Bon appetit! On the tenth of September, a baby shower for Julia Gil’s granddaughter, Lori Cabrero, was given at the home on our lovely patio. The weather was beautiful, residents and friends enjoyed lemon tarts, iced chocolate cupcakes, fruit salad, lemonade and ice tea, while baby gifts were opened by the expectant mother.

The residents of the home gave the new mother-to-be a jar full of wisdom, words and thoughts which might come in handy for the new mom and dad in the future. Julia Gil recommended that her granddaughter “rather than trying to take everyone’s advice … buy a book.” Smiles, laughter and a few tears were shared, making it a memorable afternoon.

Residents and staff who were born in the month of September were honored on the 16th. Among the celebrated residents were Norma Wagner, Joe Langan and Lois Warrell. Staff who were celebrating included Alex Melniczenko, Carol Affourtit, Melissa Bard, Sean Killian and Deb VanBuren.

Two days later, residents were treated to a trolley ride by Gordy Hage, son of Peg Hage. Hopping aboard, residents took in the sights of Cooperstown. Thank you, Gordy, for the wonderful surprise! With summer ending and autumn beginning, Jaclyn MacDonald, personal care, offered to host an ice cream social. Eleven residents enjoyed ice cream sundaes, on a most appropriate day … Sunday!

As the weather continued to improve, residents ventured out to the porches and took walks. Monday, Sept. 26, proved to be just one of those days for sitting on the porch and enjoying the weather. Coffee, tea and sweet molasses cookies were enjoyed by residents and staff.

Though September began quite a bit wetter than usual this year, it has also given us some wonderfully sunny and warm days, reminding us that there is always a rainbow after the storm, we just have to look!

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