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August 23, 2012

Dealing with the curve balls

Unfortunately, we have learned over the years that we never really know what to expect when we answer the telephone or check our email inbox.

And this certainly has proven to be true in the past few weeks.

We were totally unprepared for the telephone call we received told us that Harvey Richard “Rick” Eckler, son of Alice and Harvey Eckler of Fly Creek, had died suddenly at the age of 58. Needless to say we were stunned. Although born and brought up in Cooperstown, Rick settled in Utah after serving in the Air Force. As a result, we did not see him as often as we saw the rest of the Eckler family, a fact which made those times when we did see him all the more special. He was without doubt devoted to his daughters and grandchildren and will be sorely missed. To them, as well as his parents, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins, we extend our sympathy.

And while the news about Rick was the most upsetting, and the most important, of the past few weeks, it was not the only information that we have received of late that we found to be distressing. For example, we took great umbrage at an e-mail we received that read: “The towns who have adopted bans and moratoria now represent 1.6 million people. The towns that have been “frack us” resolutions represent 178,000... Pro gassers are being far outvoted by those who know that health and safety of the many are far more important than the tenuous possibility of profit for the privileged few.”  And although we would not normally reply to such statements, this one hit us the wrong way prompting us to write: “I am confused about what must be your assumption that everyone in a town with a ban on natural gas production is in favor of the ban. It should be obvious that this is not the case. To claim that all 1.6 million people living in towns with bans are opposed to natural gas production is simply not true, just as it is not true that all 178,000 people living in towns in favor of natural gas production are in favor of drilling. And to suggest that is the case is ridiculous. In the future, kindly speak for yourself when presenting a point of view and have the courtesy to let the rest of us speak for ourselves.”

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