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August 30, 2012

1986 continues...

Even though our 1986 discussion of duplicate houses came to an end, we stayed on the general topic of Cooperstown houses when we wrote:

“Although we have discovered no “new” duplicated homes in the village during the past week, we have encountered an interesting fact. At the turn of this century it was possible to purchase a house from the then Sears, Roebuck  and Company. One selected one’s dream house chosen from many different building plans, placed an order, and waited for the various sections of the house to begin arriving at the designated site. Since these Sears houses were  so popular, it is not out of the question to suppose that Cooperstown might sport at least one such house. Indeed, rumor has it that 30 Fair Street, located on the west side of Fair Street between Main and Lake is such a house!  There are some residents who remember when sections of 30 Fair Street came to the village via train and were thence conveyed to the site and assembled. Everyone, however, is not in agreement on this. Some maintain that 30 Fair Street could not possibly be a Sears house.”

To this topic we got the following response: “Cooperstonian Steve Walker called to discuss with us 30 Fair Street as a Sears home. Steve, who lived at said address for a number of years, feels that many of the architectural features of the house, such as the sunken living room, the marble thresholds, the intricate moldings, and the tiled roof, would seem to indicate that the house was really not of the mail order variety. We know that several people  have consulted the book, Houses by Mail, which depicts the wide variety of house plans available from Sears. Evidently, Sears homes  were at one time popular and fairly well built. The debate over 30 Fair Street continues.

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