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August 30, 2012

1986 continues...


“Two other houses, one within the village, one without, are also reputed to be Sears houses. These are 17 Brooklyn Avenue and its duplicate, the second house past the new A.C.C.Gym on the same side of the street.”

And while  still on the topic of houses, we changed direction once again when we wrote: “Bob Ballard, Beaver Street, suggested that we ask how many village homes have been moved from other locations to their present site? We know of several, but assume that there must be more. We do remember when the McGown House, 25 Chestnut Street, was moved from the east side of Chestnut Street between the bakery and the Mobile station to its present location on Church Street where it functions as the Presbyterian Church House.”

This was followed by: “We confess we have not done any exhaustive research into the number of houses which have been moved in the village. We mentioned the McGown house two weeks ago and we remember when the only  house on Court Street (which ran from Leatherstocking Street to Main Street) was moved to its present location at 196 Main Street. Actually this move occurred when Court Street itself disappeared during the construction of the  present County Office Building. Court Street had the distinction, of that time, of being the only village street which had one and only one house on it. Was the address One Court Street? The house presently at One Elm Street  was moved, we believe, from between the Clark Estate Offices and Worthington House on Main Street.

“Bob and Jean Ballard’s house at 51 Beaver was moved, so Bob believes, from its original site either at Elk Street or Fair Street to make room for the Clark Stable built in 1901 on the corner of Elk and Fair.

“Art and Ramona  Goddard’s house, 34 Maple Street, and Rose and Angelo Pugliese’s house, now 180 Main Street were both moved in 1914 and 1915 respectively to make room for the railroad station which was completed in  1916. This building, today a private residence, is located off Main Street behind Bruce Hall, Inc.”

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