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October 1, 2010

Home Notes: Another busy week at the Home

As I entered the activity room, residents were hard at work making comfort bears for the hospital.

Our Home seamstress, Ruth Swart, was busy sewing patterns while Bunny Laidlaw, Pat DeBaun, and Wanda Noyes stuffed them. Each bear took on its own personality.

Twenty Senior Bridge members filled the activity room at Clara Welch. Rumorhas it they love playing bridge at the Home because of the wonderful homemade cookies prepared by our cooks.

On Wednesday, residents and staff gathered to test their memory skills for our surprise activity. Some folks may think that our residents might have a hard time at this kind of game, but I tend to have a problem with instant recall.

Jeanette Hansen and Dot Gardner were the ``big’’ winners of the game and for their prize they put their order into the kitchen for a special meal.

Resident Dr. Ralph Veenema together with Fred Blatt had taken on the task of repairing a statuette of a character from Leatherstocking Tales. Ralph found the damaged statuette in a barn and brought it to the Home. Repairs were completed which sparked the interest of many who wanted more knowledge of Leatherstocking Tales.

All gathered in the living room and listened to Dottie Bly play the piano to patriotic music which was a great introduction into Ralph Veenema sharing about his fabulous find of the statuette Hawkeye. Guest Paul Kuhn, dressed in attire of the period, shared information about the Leatherstocking Tales as well and how this area became known as the Leatherstocking Region.

Birdwatchers enjoyed a video about hawks, which are very prevalent in our area.

Laughter could be heard coming from the living room when residents watched the romantic comedy ``Bringing Up Baby’’ starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. Oh, those good old comedies!

We have had some cold weather but the warmth returned and with the trees being filled with glorious colors, it was time for one more final boat trip. Due to the generosity of Tony Gambino and Hank and Dottie Phillips, residents once again toured the lake on pontoon boats. The trees were filled with the brilliant reds and yellows of the fall. It was a perfect day.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower’’ -- Albert Camus.

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