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June 6, 2013

Attack on Sacket's Harbor


COMMENT: The repulse of the British at Fort Meigs, in northern Ohio, helped pave the way for additional American victories in the “old northwest.” American losses were 81 men killed and 189 wounded.

Capture of Mobile

The fortress of Mobile surrendered on the 13th of April, to a detachment of the United States army under the immediate command of major gen. Wilkinson. The fortress is within the limits of the purchase of Louisiana, made by the United States, and has been retained, under various pretenses, from that period to the present time. This expedition ... has been conducted ... without the loss of a single life ...

Our troops made their landing on the 12th of April, and the first intimation the Spanish garrison had of their approach was the music of “Hail Columbia,” by a full band, followed by a summons to the commandant to evacuate the place as part of the United States territory ...

The effect of the surprise carried itself into the negotiation, and the Spanish garrison was embarked for Pensacola.

COMMENT: “West Florida,” including parts of Louisiana and the coastline of Mississippi and Alabama was still Spanish, but contained many American settlers who wanted the U.S. to capture and annex it.


The annual Meeting of the Otsego County Bible Society, will be held in the village of Cooperstown, on the 10th day of June inst. at 11 o’clock A. M. at which time an appropriate Sermon will be delivered by the Rev. Daniel Nash, President of said Society. HENRY JONES, Rec’. Sec’y.

COMMENT: The society was founded on March 7, 1813 by local Presbyterians and Episcopalians with the purpose of distributing free bibles to the poor. Young James Fenimore Cooper became an active member. Daniel Nash (1763-1837) was the first Rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Cooperstown.

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