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June 6, 2013

Once again, hope springs eternal ...

We are happy to report that although Mother Nature did her best to thwart the annual Upper Pioneer Street Block Party, she was not successful.

Granted, the party was changed from the Saturday before Memorial Day to Memorial Day itself when Mother Nature was in a more cooperative mood. Once again this year, the mayor of Upper Pioneer Street, Howard Talbot, brought us up to date on new arrivals on the street, various graduations and highlighted a number of visiting grandchildren and grandparents.

As usual the food was excellent, the conversation lively and the number of children numerous. The only moment of debate occurred when we were discussing block parties in the village, of which we believe there are but two. For a number of years now Upper Pioneer Street has lead off the block party season while Eagle Street has brought the season to a close. However, we were informed that Eagle Street does not have a real block party as they do not close off the street. The minute we heard this, we were suspicious that our trusty Eagle Street reporter might have a somewhat different take on this that leads us to think we might have some interesting input for a future column. At least that is our hope.

Of course, we have learned over the years that what we might hope for is not always what we might get. For example, over the years we have from time to time gotten prank calls from unidentified callers. And we had hoped with the advent of caller ID, we might not receive such calls. But alas, we had to deal this past week with a young lady, who identified herself as Kirsten, who said something we could not understand. We asked her what she wanted and she repeated it. However, the second time we still could not understand her as she, along with whomever she was with, were giggling too hard. At that point we hung up. But she called back asking who she was talking to. We asked who she thought she was talking to and she told us her mother. In fact she insisted we were her mother to which we replied that she might be wise to hang up and put the cellphone down before she got into real trouble. Obviously, she did not realize that we have that cellphone number and could call it if we were so inclined, which we will be sorely tempted to do if she calls again.

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