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June 6, 2013

Once again, hope springs eternal ...


These 128-page books chronicle individuals and groups who have impacted a community over time. Each title includes historic and contemporary profiles of around 100 to 200 people, illustrated through 140 to 200 images and 15,000 to 300,000 words, mostly in the form of captions for the images ...

... We expect each book to be a combination of historical characters and modern figures, who current residents relate to. Stories of community giving, outreach, and philanthropy should be shared, as well as tragic or quirky excerpts. Famous personalities can be included, but we also expect to see familiar local faces, such as business owners. Notorious personalities may also be included, as well as unsung heroes. Both the photograph content and subjects should be varied and diverse.

Included with the information we received was a copy of the “Legendary Locals” book that was written for Encinitas, Calif., which we found to be of interest as it is a community with which we are not familiar. However, after reviewing all the material, and thinking about projects in which we are already embroiled, we decided now is not the time to take on another project of any description. However, we did indicate, when we relayed our decision to the representative from Arcadia Publishing, that we would ask if someone else in the area might be interested in pursuing such a project. And this meet with Arcadia Publishing’s approval. So, if anyone is indeed interested in taking on such a project, please let us know so we can pass on the information we received. And we certainly hope someone will be interested in taking on this project.

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