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April 22, 2010

Otsego Herald: Don't believe it

— From the Otsego Herald

for Saturday, April 21, 1810

Compiled, with comments



FOR SALE (For want of employment,) a stout, healthy NEGRO, 18 years of age. He has been used to family business. For terms enquire at this office. April 20.

COMMENT: Slavery would remain legal in New York State until 1826, though the number of enslaved people in the state was rapidly declining.

It is not clear why this advertiser left out his name, but possibly he (or she) believed that advertising a slave for sale would not be popular in the community; the ad ran for many weeks.


In the town of Otsego there is a strongly and well constructed Paper-Mill, about 80 feet by 45, with double engines, vats, screws, &c., four stories high.

In the town of Hartwick a large Cotton Factory has lately begun to operate, a few rods below the paper-mill, and bids fair to encourage the owners, as well as purchasers, by the low price at which they sell their yarn &c.


From the Newark Centinel: Extract of a letter from Captain Gerrish of the New England militia, dated Albany, March 7, 1782.

``Our peltry (furs), taken in the expedition, will as you see amount to a good deal of money. Possession of this booty, at first gave us much pleasure, but we were struck with much horror to find, among the packages, eight large ones containing scalps of our unhappy country folks, taken in the last three years, by the Seneca Indians, from the inhabitants of the frontiers of N. York, N. Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia, and sent by them as a present to Col. Haldimand, Governor of Canada, in order to be by him transmitted to England. They were accompanied by the following curious letter to that gentleman.

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