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June 19, 2008

Better options than game

When it became official that Monday’s final Hall of Fame Game was rained out, fans who traveled to witness the end of an era were left disappointed, and at the same time wondering, ``Now what?’’

Since 1939, area fans have had the chance to watch Major League Baseball players perform at Doubleday Field. But in January, Major League Baseball announced that this year’s game between the Chicago Cubs and San Diego Padres would be the final one. MLB officials cited scheduling difficulties as the main reason for the cancellation of the nearly 70-year Cooperstown tradition.

The decision saddened some and angered others, but no one has been more vocal than Cooperstown graduate Kristian Connolly. Shortly after MLB’s announcement about the Game, Connolly launched the website savethefamegame. com. He has encouraged fans to write letters of protest, written to MLB officials, politicians and even players themselves in his efforts to see the Fame Game tradition continue.

While Connolly’s mission to the save the game will probably fall short, he has succeeded in keeping the issue a hot topic, which in turn may lead to a viable replacement in the years to come.

When asked Tuesday about a possible replacement for the Game next year, Hall of Fame spokesman Brad Horn said recently, ``Nothing is off the table.’’

``We’re exploring every possible option, and we’re committed to replacing the game,’’ he added.

In May, Doubleday Field hosted a Triple A game between Syracuse and Rochester, and before the game Hall President Jeff Idelson said future Triple A games were one possible replacement for the game.

As we’ve said in this space before, we’d prefer an Old Timer’s Game, featuring Hall of Famers and other retired major leaguers. We feel this venue would be just as popular, if not more, than the current format.

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