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May 20, 2010

Home Notes: Thanksgiving Home features hat show

— ``Cock your hat _ angles are attitudes.’’ _ Frank Sinatra We celebrated the end of April with a Straw Hat and Sun Bonnet Show. Residents and staff wore hats of all shapes, sizes and colors as we gathered in the living room to enjoy strawberry shortcake and share stories of our hats. The stories included where the hats were purchased, special occasions when they were worn, and many fun and humorous tales.

Susan Kenyon, Activities Director, documented the occasion by taking photographs of everyone in their hats. The following week she made a poster of the ``Hats of Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home.’’ It was remarkable how many wonderful smiles shone beneath the brims.

We all enjoyed coffee, tea and sweets while viewing photographs of Susan’s family vacation to Cape Cod. Her daughter, Elle Kenyon, compiled the photos into a presentation accompanied by music and it was truly artistic and joyful. We saw treasured stones and shells they collected on the beach, many that were heart-shaped to add to Susan’s collection. The photos triggered memories of past trips.

We welcomed May with dancing around the Maypole.

Some of the residents and staff took turns weaving colorful ribbons around the pole while others watched. Deanna Gable’s daughter, Ireland, was the youngest to learn the dance.

On May 6, the local chapter of the Philanthropic Educational Organization met at the Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home and invited us to attend their exceptional program. Dr. John Davis gave a wonderful presentation on the history of the Thanksgiving Hospital and Bassett Hospital. The presentation included photographs and a detailed, fascinating history of the hospital, highlighting the important contributions of several members of our community, including the Clarks and Coopers. We are thankful to Dr. Davis and the Women’s Educational Philanthropic Organization for the intriguing program.

The organization also honored resident Leon Rathbun for creating and donating beautiful bird houses recently.

On the afternoon of May 6 Sam Wilcox and Joel Fox performed Baroque music in the living room during happy hour. Sam played the piano while Joel played different types of recorders. Their beautiful music filled the Home, and our hearts as we all enjoyed their artistry.

Bobbie Mook and Susan Kenyon created new floral arrangements for the dining room tables just in time for Mother’s Day. Greens provided a backdrop for white daisies, delicate pink wax flowers that rose above the bouquets in the center. We are still enjoying the cheerful blooms at mealtime.

Maureen Micek, chair of the Food Committee, attended the annual food show with Food Services Manager, Kathy Lindberg, Cook Darcey Schilling and her husband Brett, dining service staff, Karen Lottridge, and Administrator Laurie Blatt. Foods were sampled and ordered to create new recipes for the summer menus at the Home.

The May Birthday Party was held on Friday, May 14 to celebrate birthdays for residents Sue Stevens, Bill Bowes, and Maureen Micek and staff Renata Hickey, Karen Lottridge, and beloved dog, Dudley Dune. Darcey Schilling baked and decorated an amazing cake with a maypole extending from the center. The pole was covered with lavender ribbon and tiny ribbons draped from the top of the pole to cupcakes that fanned out in a circle surrounding the cake. The cakes were topped with pastel flowers made of delicious icing. It was a delightful celebration! As the spring continues we are enjoying the smell of lilacs and the display of deep pink tulips from the porches where we relax and enjoy time together.