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July 22, 2010

Home Notes: Personal Care is a rewarding occupation


When I was a young girl in the early 50’s my family would often take rides through Cooperstown and the Cherry Valley area.

I was born in Utica and at that time these areas seemed so far away. Little did I know that someday I would be working in Cooperstown.

In 2004 I moved to Richfield Springs after marrying David Pooler. A friend of mine, Sue Winne, suggested that I go to The Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home for a job. I had always been in the office end of employment and knew nothing of Personal Care. When I went to fill out my application, I was immediately interviewed by Pat Donnelly and my future boss Laura Black. I was hired before I left the building. I started work the Saturday after going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My husband David, my daughter Stephania, Christ my son-inlaw and I attended the parade and all had a wonderful time.

David had never been to New York City before.

November 27, 2004 was the beginning of my life as a Personal Care Aide.

First let me tell you this is the most wonderful and gratifying position I have had in my entire working career.

Monday’s through Sunday’s there is always an activity to be enjoyed by all. Whether it be bird watching with Nancy Rackmyer, fun n’ fit exercises, the weekly movie, Bible Study, Communion of various faiths, shopping downtown, manicures, pedicures, hairdresser, jewelry making that I host, rides with various staff members or gardening with Carol Affourtit, who incidentally harvested our first veggies from the resident garden which were used in a salad. What a wonderful feeling to eat your own veggies.

A picnic was on July 2 in celebration of the 4th of July. Cindy Moore offered her porch as a viewing area for Patsy DeBaun, Bobbie Mook, Wanda Noyes and Vivian Allison to view the parade on the 5th. Thank you Cindy.

After the parade some of the residents shucked corn for their dinner. Laurie Blatt has implemented a Surprise Activity for Wednesdays, which has been a great success and gets everyone over Hump Day. On July 7th Peg Hage’s son Gordie arrived with the Cooperstown Trolley for a ride up the lake.

A good time was had by Art and Bunnie Laidlaw, Maureen Micek, Bobbie Mook, Ralph Veenema, Jeanette Hansen, Sue Stevens, Doris Blomquist, Wanda Noyes, Patsy DeBaun, our newest addition to CWTH, Dudley, our faithful companion, Vivian Allison and Laurie Blatt.

Mary Butler and I hosted a Treasure Trove on Sunday July the 11th, and what a treasure it was. Alberta Bowes brought jewelry and various items from all over the world that she acquired during her travels as a military nurse.

Janet Saporito brought shoe buttons from her great grandmother’s shoes. Can you imagine buttoning your shoes? Mary Butler shared her wedding photo. I shared a civil War Cameo that was a gift from my maternal grandmother. Bunny Laidlaw presented a sterling silver comb and a huge frog pendant.

Jeanette Hansen shared her Battleaxe Cross given to her by her husband after a trip to England. If you run into Jeanette ask her to tell you the story of her cross. She is hardly without it.

I would like to extend congratulations to Dan and Kristin Butler and their entire family for the new addition to the family, a beautiful baby boy. This new addition is resident Ellen Hankin’s great grandchild, and Mary Butler’s grandchild.

I have now come to the end, but before I go I would like to give tribute to Bert Kull- Chapin, a former resident of the Home. A Memorial Service was held for Bert on July 10.

Bert was a wonderful, beautiful and endearing woman who is greatly missed by all who knew and cared for her. Your eyes will shine and sparkle forever. Finally two quotes I would like to share with you:

``Unless life is lived for others it is not worthwhile’’ - Mother Teresa

``Do not confuse the pleasure of pleasing with the happiness of loving’’ - Coco Chanel