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April 24, 2014

April activities fool many as spring comes, goes

Cooperstown Crier

---- — There were many April fool jokes played here at Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home on April 1. Some of us found our door name plates turned upside down or swapped with one from another door and furniture and objects were mysteriously moved around in our rooms. The dining room was completely transformed from its usual formal setting into a hodgepodge of mismatched china and … horrors, plastic tablecloths and paper napkins. Each table was decorated with a different theme, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Easter. Christmas carols played in the background. We suspect that Dee Bouck, of personal care and John Santello, activities director, were mainly responsible for this mayhem.

Virginia Kennedy came on April 2 to moderate our Book Club meeting. We discussed the short story we had read, “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Virginia has a wonderful way of helping us see all aspects of a story and we enjoy having her here.

Our own David Petri, dining services, gave an interesting presentation on April 7 about antique door latches, demonstrating examples of them. David is an interesting person and knowledgeable about many subjects, including the history of Cooperstown.

“Women in Baseball” was the subject of a lecture by Richard Payne, of the Baseball Hall of Fame, on April 9. This was very interesting and he has promised to return to tell us about the history of the Negro Leagues.

Six birthdays were celebrated on April 10 at our monthly birthday party. The honorees were Wanda Noyes, Darcey Schilling, Kristen Hext, Kathy Lindberg, Laura Black, Sheila Jones and Sandy Brigham.

Two of the staff celebrated their anniversaries, Joanne Burdick has worked at CWTH for three years and Sue Walker for nine years.

As usual, Darcey made the birthday cake, which was a delicious coconut cake served with ice cream and fruit punch.

Alma Curtis, who teaches the 7th and 8th graders ballroom dancing for the Cotillion and who has her own dance students, came on April 11 to demonstrate and teach us popular dances. We learned the waltz, foxtrot, rumba, salsa and the merengue. “Learned” may be too strong a word, but some of us tried. Those who took part were Dee Burnett, Corinne Hillman, Lois Warrell, Nancy Waller, Jeanette Hansen, Phil Bresee, Gene Dietz, Ralph Veenema and myself. John helped demonstrate the dances and bravely danced with some of us. We enjoyed the session and talked about incorporating some dance into our exercise program.

For National Jelly Bean Day, (yes there is one) we had a guess-the-number contest. The guesses ranged wildly from 40 to more than 1,000. The exact number of jelly beans was 560. Linda Graves, personal care, won with a guess of 563. Impressive! The prize was the jar of jelly beans!

There is an ongoing volleyball tournament between the Ginger Team, consisting of Dee Burnett, Wally Pickhardt, Jeanette Hansen, Lois Warrell, Corinne Hillman and Phil Bresee and the Jack Team, consisting of Gene Dietz, Fannie Navarra, Bill Bowes, Nancy Waller and me. We are currently tied.

Let me refresh your memory on how the game is played. Two rows of chairs are set up on each side of the net. The “ball” is a balloon and hands, head or feet may be used to get it over the net. The one rule is that you must remain seated. Remember the teams consist of 80 and 90 year olds, so that rule is easy to follow. Most of us couldn’t get up if we wanted to! I’ll keep you posted as the games progress.