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August 11, 2011

Home Notes: July has been busy and with record breaking temperatures


July has been busy and with record breaking temperatures it was a hot one! Bill, Jeanette, Leon, Patsy, Ralph and Dottie enjoyed the Forth of July fireworks with Laurie, Fred and Jaclyn, from the porch of the Otesaga.

Jaclyn captured the Cooperstown and Oneonta fireworks on video and showed it to the residents. On July 4, residents Bill, Dottie, Jeanette, Patsy, Ruth, and Maureen went to the Springfield Parade and watched from Cindy Moore’s porch.

On July 6, Sandy gave a presentation on the history of Cooperstown and the next day Hilde, Maureen and Patsy enjoyed a tour, stopping at the Village Cobbler and Schneider’s Bakery with Laurie and Susan. On July 8th Karen Streck treated the residents and staff to a truly wonderful performance of music from The Sound of Music performed by Donna Burdick who was accompanied by Judy Green and narration by Karen Streck.

July birthdays were celebrated by residents Alberta, Ruth, Wally and Bobbie along with staff Chrissy, Jan, Mary, Jameson.

They all celebrated with cake and punch in the living room. We also enjoyed an ice cream social on the porch with the help  of Sue Stevens’ daughter Brenda and Bobbie Mook’sdaughter Cleo.

Later in July we were surprised and delighted to have the ice cream truck pullup to our library window and serve ice cream to residents and staff.

July 14, was our staff recognition supper at Three Mile Park. Most of the staff and their families attended while Laurie and Fred Blatt did the cooking and passed other dishes they made along with a heavenly sweet butterscotch dessert. Thank you, Laurie, for all you do for us. Deanna Gable received a 10-year pin.

Darcey Schilling received a beautiful crystal vase for 20 years. Laurie read a list of names of all the staff along with the number of years that they have worked at our Home.

On July 18, we welcomed new resident, Jane Patrick to our Home. Jane is well known the Home, and has many friends. Our Eden Journey staff and residents, family, community and children continue to grow every day. We have casino night once a year, surprise activities, rides in the country, the new Thanksgiving Circle, readings, movies and the list goes on and on.

There is always something going on from husking corn to cutting beans or shucking peas. We cannot forget the talent show that should be on funny home videos. Nancy Rackmyer who has a monthly bird watching day took Art Laidlaw, Bill Bowes, Bobbie Mook and Patsy DeBaun to Betty Wilbur State Park in Middlefield West Ford acre. Mr. and Mrs. Davis generously donated the land that became the 164th State Park in 2000. The couple gifted the land so that the public could enjoy the land and to insure its preservation. It has ponds, 7 cabins, a sunset pavilion for picnics and a playground. On July 28th we were invited back by Joe Ritton, head caretaker, for a tour of one of the cabins. Art Laidlaw, Patsy DeBaun, and Nancy enjoyed the breathtaking views. Joe said that in the spring and fall the Delaware Otsego Audubon Society comes up to count the bald eagles and golden eagles that pass during migration times. In June, the 100th birthday of Wilbur Davis was celebrated at the Sunset Pavilion.

On July 27 and 29, Susan Kenyon gave us good information on tortoises followed by a presentation about a pet tortoise attended by Alberta, Fannie, Frank, Hilda, Jeannette, Leon, Maureen, Patsy, Ralph, Deanna, Laurie, and Sean. We cannot forget the big baseball induction weekend attended by Bill Bowes and Fred Blatt.

On July 29, we had a grand farewell party for Maureen Micek. Maureen’s family is moving out of state and taking Maureen with them.

We enjoyed cake and punch. Staff member, Jaclyn took a video of many staff and residents saying their goodbyes so Maureen can watch it on her TV when she gets homesick. Maureen’s daughter Mo and grandchildren, Sarah and Jack were here to say their goodbyes, and there was not a dry eye in the home. A very touching farewell.

Our garden is starting to pay off and the lettuce, beans, peas, radishes, and squash are bountiful. We have so much to be thankful for.

Laurie Blatt gave a seminar for all staff. She had treats and showed videos of many things, but what stood out were the pictures she had put together of our Home, staff and residents playing together, eating together, working together, pictures of our suppers and dinners together. Pictures of staff members’ children who come to the home and interact with the residents, learning from each other and having fun doing it.

If you ever want to see a wonderful home to live in stop by and see our Home, look at our albums of many years, and you will see it is better to live in a garden.