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March 5, 2010

Letters to the Editor: March 4, 2010

The village is top priority for Katz

I met Jeff when he knocked on our door when first running for Trustee. Since then, I have appeared before him as a Trustee regarding various Village projects multiple times. I have worked with him specifically on my volunteer duties for the Village while he has been Deputy Mayor. I have also worked with him on volunteer projects for the Cooperstown Rotary Club. It is very clear that the Village is his first priority, with a desire to be fair with everyone. I truly believe he will make a fine Mayor.

Carl Good Cooperstown

Thanks for support Our first Annual TREP$ Marketplace was a success! I couldn’t believe my eyes! The students displayed their products and services in creative and unique ways _ well done young TREP$! We overhead so many positive comments around the room and were encouraged by the support and encouragement from the parents and community.

I want to give a special thank you to Mrs. Rebecca Stone, Workshop Facilitator, Erika Idelson and Kathleen Gozigian, Publicity Chairpersons, Annmarie Bascio & Martha Heneghan, Marketplace Coordinators. This innovative program could not have been implemented without their hard work and dedication. I thank them for believing in the TREP$ program and in our students.

Also, I would like to thank our sponsors that allowed us to purchase the program and all related materials: Otsego Economic Development, Farm Credit East, Rotary Club of Cooperstown, Lions Club of Cooperstown, Leatherstocking Credit Union, Bank of Cooperstown, Cooperstown Foundation for Excellence in Education (CFEE), NYSHA, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and a generous anonymous donor. Thank you also to the Cooperstown PTO, the Cooperstown Board of Education, Mike Cring , Mary Jo McPhail, Carol Waller, Mark LaValley, Bennett and the custodial staff of the Cooperstown Middle/High School.

Thank you to our business mentors that helped guide our students: Marcy Birch _ Barnyard Swing, Alma Curtis _ Cooperstown Performing Arts, Raymond Holohan _ CPA, Wendy Wright _ co-owner Go Figures Fitness Center,á Donna Borgstrom _ Attorney, Renee LaFond _ BlueSky & Little Bo’Tique, Peter Deysenroth _ Connell, Dow, Deysenroth, Funeral Home, Angie Erway _ SEFCU, Donna Shipman _ NBT Bank, Yvette Dimaggio _ Dimaggio’s Cooperstown Hot Dogs, Bruno Talevi _ retired accountant.

Lastly, I would like to thank our local newspapers, The Freeman’s Journal, The Daily Star and the Cooperstown Crier for their comprehensive coverage of our workshops and Marketplace.

We look forward to bringing this program to the middle school again next year and to our new and returning TREP$ students. We also encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Carina Franck

TREP$ Chairperson

Support Joe Booan for mayor

Joe Booan, a fourth generation Cooperstown native with longtime family ties, returned to his roots several years ago. His passion for our community and its citizens is clear, as evidenced by his volunteerism and involvement in the community.

Joe’s professional and administrative savvy stand him in good stead. He is perceptive and effective and deserves recognition for his work while serving as a Trustee. His skills and vision provide the leadership necessary to help address the challenges facing the Village.

He is committed to the work it will take to ``preserve tradition while ensuring financial stability.’’ He is aware of the need to examine the potential to pursue sustained economic growth and development as alternatives for the already tax-burdened residents of the Village _ without shifting unacceptable burdens on our future generation.

Joe is willing to give service to the Village and its citizens. His desire to serve is to work to find solutions to the problems we face that will benefit the community. He has served us well with his loyalty, professionalism, work ethic, knowledge about the Village and its citizens, and his commitment to help address the challenges facing the Village.

Please support Joe Booan for Mayor of Cooperstown.

Madalyn Cimino


Joe Booan is the right choice

Although we reside in Fly Creek, and cannot vote in the upcoming Mayoral election, we would like to show our support and share our observations of candidate Joe Booan. Joe is uniquely qualified, and without question, the right person to serve as the next mayor.

In his professional role as principal at OAOC BOCES, Joe is responsible for over 100 faculty and staff members and 450 students. He oversees two locations and yearly budgets exceeding $5 million. He works routinely with students, parents, administrators, community groups, and agencies at the local, state and federal level such as; OSHA, the Department of Transportation, NYS Police, the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Environmental Conservations, as well as numerous area school districts, including Cooperstown Central School. His contacts within these organizations will be an invaluable resource for the village.

Joe is dedicated to the youth of this community. He spends countless hours volunteering with Cooperstown youth sports programs. He continually serves as a mentor and role model. We are confident that as mayor, Joe will make decisions that are not only right for the community, but also for the future of our children.

Joe is a third generation Cooperstonian. As a native, he has a unique perspective which will be beneficial when facing tough and controversial decisions. He Joe has the training and the experience for this multi-faceted position.

Joe is a problem solver and will serve Cooperstown residents well. He is positive, organized, hard working, dedicated, resourceful, budget minded and goal oriented.

Joe Booan is the right choice for Mayor of Cooperstown.

Christopher and Dawn Hage

Fly Creek

We need experience, availability

Cooperstown is a very beautiful village and a wonderful place to live. Because of its unique history and its importance to the health and financial success of Otsego County and the surrounding areas of Central New York, Cooperstown has government challenges far greater than typical given the modest size of the population.

We believe it is critical at this time to support the candidate with proven experience as a leader as well as round the clock availability. Jeff Katz has served for five years as trustee and two of those as deputy mayor.

He understands the needs the village is facing for improving an aging infrastructure and is willing to consider options to gain a fairer share of resources made on the popularity of Cooperstown as a destination.

He supports the potential of the village to become a city to keep our taxes local. He has fought for 24/7 police coverage and brought additional funds to the fire department. He has worked with the Parks Board and Friends of the Parks to improve the community and financially support the future through the Parks Reserve. He has protected taxpayer interests in insuring fair reimbursement for village resources.

As Chair of Doubleday he encouraged higher use fees producing more dollars that otherwise would have been needed from taxes.

Likewise he was an early proponent of paid parking to claim a fair share of tourism dollars. The 2009 receipts from Doubleday field parking produced the equivalent to a 6.7 percent tax increase.

We are very impressed with the support Jeff has garnered from both Democrats and Republicans. This is not politics as usual and speaks to Cooperstown being a village of involved and caring people.

On March 16 please support our future by voting for Jeff Katz _ the candidate with the experience we need.

Sally Graumlich and Tim Campbell


Katz has a history of service

British Statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke once observed, ``You can never plan the future by the past.’’ He did however think that the behavior of an individual and an understanding of history helps to predict what we might expect in the future. Cooperstown needs people who understand the past to help us prepare us for the future. Jeff Katz has demonstrated the cool and rational thinking and the keen observation skills of things past before reacting to the present. Jeff has a history of service of which he can be proud and we can be glad.

His experience as trustee and deputy mayor have shown his unwillingness to go with a quick or easy fix demanded by a poorly thought out but loud and demanding vocal minority.

Like Mayor Waller who appointed him Deputy, Jeff Katz has demonstrated a willingness to make tough decisions after careful thought and consideration. He is patient and deliberative and learns from the past but is not stuck in failed ideas and solutions.

The recent confused and quick changing votes by some trustees showed that poorly thought out quick fix decision-making that Jeff refused to participate in.

We have two thoughtful, intelligent candidates for Mayor to select from in the Cooperstown election on March 16. Only one of them is qualified. Only one of them has demonstrated the careful deliberation necessary to make tough and sometimes unpopular decisions. Only one of them deserves your vote.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of mediocrity in Cooperstown is for good people to not vote for Jeff Katz. Oh, and when you cast your vote for trustee, be sure to vote for those who will support Jeff.

Henry J. Nicols


Booan is best choice

Fortunately, we have been given the choice for mayor in the March 16 village election. Joe Booan will be an excellent mayor because what everyone needs and wants is financial responsibility and accountability. Joe will provide both.

It is also fortunate that both Joe Booan and Alton Dunn have some engineering experience, which the village lacks. Currently, the DPW acts as the engineering “expert.” We will definitely need their expertise in the near future to guide the village board on infrastructure repairs.

Theses are difficult times that require down-to-earth common sense decisions. I feel that Joe Booan, Altom Dunn, Doug Walker and Michael Molloy for justice represent the values that made Cooperstown a wonderful, safe and affordable place to live.

As for the criticism that Joe will not be able to dedicate enough time because of his job, I thought it was the quality of the time spent and not the quantity that was most important.

Lee Malone


Katz has earned the right to be mayor

I know and like Joe Booan, and he obviously has done well in his BOCES administrative job. But, I was a school building administrator for 18 years, in both large and small districts, and I know how time consuming school administration is, even overseeing just one building in a small district. Joe’s new position expands his duties and his territory, and it is hard to see how he will be available on a regular, daily basis.

Accessibility requires availability, and we are fortunate to have a candidate in Jeff Katz who spends almost all his time here in the village. Equally important is the fact that Jeff listens. People do not want input; they want influence. In his work as a trustee, Jeff has listened, watched, weighed the facts, and then acted. He has earned the right to be our next mayor, and we need him in that position.

David Pearlman


Katz best man for the job

I would like to express my support for Jeff Katz for mayor. Having worked with Jeff over the years, I have found him to be open-minded and exceedingly committed to making Cooperstown the best it can be for residents, those who work here, and visitors. In particular, I have seen Jeff reach out to area nonprofits to do co-programming and create partnerships for the greater good. With so many fiscal constraints on the Village, it makes good financial sense to work with nonprofits when and where appropriate.

The hallmark of a good civic leader is if he or she can focus on what’s best for the community as a whole. This is not always an easy task and it comes with its share of ups and downs. It is virtually impossible to please ever citizen all the time. However, on the whole and looking at his years of service, I have been impressed with Jeff’s ability to sort through an issue, become educated about a topic, and seek the advice of constituents and experts, especially when a complicated subject is at hand.

Lastly, Jeff has the time and flexibility to serve as mayor. While the position remains a part-time job, the demands and hours worked are clearly more substantial that a few hours here and there. Just ask Carol Waller! Depending upon how you see it, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience or a thankless job _ maybe both. It will take a nimble, creative, and intelligent person to take Carol’s place. Jeff has the skills and time to do the job and do it well. He will also know how to juggle the countless tasks and obstacles along the way. The people of Cooperstown will be well-served by a Mayor Katz.

Martha H. Frey


Jeff, you have my vote

Cooperstown is fortunate to have a talented young man in Jeff Katz to run for Mayor.

In these pressing economic times, it’s good to know that a smart and dedicated person like Jeff is willing to take on the responsibility of doing a very difficult job (for little personal economic incentive) and working with a village budget that clearly cannot meet all the pressing village needs. Good luck Jeff, you have my vote.

Angus Mackie


Katz for mayor

While serving as the trustee in 1997, I was appointed village administrator, following the departure of the previous administrator. I left that position in 1999 for health reasons, and having a better understanding of the needs of the village, proposed two possible options to the board for management of the village. One plan was to hire a full-time administrator or secondly, to have the mayor, trustees and the village staff assume the administrative responsibility for all aspects of village management and control. The later course was chosen. Ten years later, what was necessary then is still true today.

Appropriate management of the village requires mayoral leadership by a person who is able and willing to devote significant time and has “upclose and personal” knowledge of what the position demands. It is my belief that Jeff Katz has proven to have these qualifications.

I will not itemize Jeff’s accomplishments. This has been stated in many other letters to the editor. I will simply say that in all my contacts with him regarding village matters, I have found Jeff to be dedicated to the village and knowledgeable on the issues facing its residents. He is receptive and any ideas/suggestions which could improve our community.

Most of all he is able to devote the necessary time to be a full-time mayor.

In the ever-increasing complexity of our society, which affects even our small upstate New York village, there are no simple solutions to all issues, nor does any one individual possess all the answers. I do believe, however, that Jeff will listen to the village citizens and, with integrity, evaluate the available information and will strive to make the necessary decisions to preserve the spirit and well-being of our village.

I fully support Jeff Katz for mayor of the village of Cooperstown.

Giles E. Russell