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March 7, 2013

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---- — Paid parking is good news 

I was pleased to see that there will be paid parking on Main Street next summer. Now, we might finally find a way to repair our old streets. 

If merchants are upset about this development, they should work with and make it a plus rather than a minus for the tourist. For example, allow a discount to those who park in front of their stores based on the size of parking fee. They could also volunteer to pay for the guy’s parking. 

A short time ago I suggested that we build a ramp over the old Main Street. This ramp could be 20 or 30 feet above the current street. It could be anchored on the east in front of Woodside Hall and on the west in front of the old county jail. This additional street could serve two purposes: It could give us more parking spots, but what is more important, the second floor of each building could now become the site of another souvenir shop. We could have twice as many shops and parking spaces. The village would really luck-out on this. 

The new shops would be required to have “handicapped-accessibility” based on federal law while the older shops are “grandfathered” in. Now people using wheelchairs will have a chance to spend their money like all the rest of the baseball fans. This accessibility can be supervised by the same guy who currently enforces snow removal in front of the shops on Main Street. 

Now Susquehanna Avenue will no longer be called the worst road in the county.

Bob Lettis



Time for change

I commend the Cooperstown Board of Education for taking up the issue of our school’s nickname. In an earlier era, the name Redskins was considered to be perfectly appropriate and acceptable. Nowadays we know how words have the power to damage and hurt when used thoughtlessly or irresponsibly.

We no longer use many words that were commonplace during our childhood decades ago, and we do not permit their use under the excuse that, “I didn’t mean it THAT way.” Today, the name Redskins has become such a word. We can no longer hide behind the unknowing thoughtlessness of earlier generations.

The history of Cooperstown school and its academic and sports programs is long and celebrated. Changing the nickname will not eradicate that history. However, it is now time to continue that illustrious history under a new name. It is time for a change.

John Odell


I’m from the old school

Cooperstown honors its history; Redskins is a part of history. Then I hear the word culture as if it was something new that has never happened before. Does this mean there was no culture when the people decided on this mascot? These were people representing the spirit, honesty, pride and honor of the Indian nation.

Our sports teams have won several championships that means so much to them. There are also players who do have Indian blood in their bodies. There is a vote on the school budget in May. Why don’t we also vote to have the people decide how important this name is? That would be a form of democracy.

Velma Armstrong