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March 12, 2010

Letters to the Editor: March 11, 2010


I have lived in Cooperstown for most of my life and I have watched it evolve from a quiet, insular community, far removed from the rest of the world to where it is today with people coming here from every country to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and to enjoy the scenic beauty of Otsego county. Along with these successes have come many problems, which burden our community. This is where the elected leaders on our village board come into play.

It is they who must balance the needs of all interests in Cooperstown and make the decisions that will affect all of us in the future. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, March 16 and pledge, if elected, to work tirelessly to keep Cooperstown the wonderful community that it is.

Doug Walker


Our candidates have a proven record

We are fast approaching one of the most important elections in decades; the outcome of which will determine the future direction of our village for years to come. I was nominated to run for Trustee this year but, after careful reflection, I decided I wanted to devote all my efforts to ensuring our Democratic team have the best opportunity to be elected or re-elected to office. The problems we face are numerous and affect all aspects of our quality of life. I am going to ask you to come out on March 16 to vote for four individuals.

Jeff Katz, our candidate for Mayor, current Deputy Mayor and Trustee, cherishes this village and has an accomplished record that we can be proud of. He has an unsurpassed familiarity with village issues and government. Through his efforts of finding new revenue he has kept taxes down, he has alleviated some of our parking problems, enhanced our library and has had other municipality’s donate more funds, worked with residents to build Badger Park with the Villages first skating rink, ensured 24/7 police protection for our citizens, secured funds for the Gateway Project, fought opposition to keep Village property open for our Fire Department so they could park in a timely fashion when time is critical in a emergency, and many other quality of life situations.

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