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March 28, 2013

In Our Readers' Opinions


Anthony Scalici said it better: “The only certainty that I have concluded from any of the evidence and all of the evidence is that the Cooperstown people, past present and the future never gave or would project any meaning other than endearment and pride for the use of Redskins.”

So what’s the problem? Do those in favor of a change of name object to the fact that over these nearly hundred years, the thousands of CCS students, teachers and administrators held Indians in high regard and wanted to be identified with them, or is it that they object to using the nickname, “Redskins”?

I personally don’t see the point in making an issue of this and making all of the former students, teachers and administrators feel that they have been guilty of something shameful all these years. That is grossly unfair. It seems that the school board agrees with me, hence the resolution that they passed honoring the nickname.

If the name must be changed, my suggestion is simply to change it to the Cooperstown “Indians.”

Grace Kull 



Meeting was informative

On March 20, 2013, I had the opportunity to attend a Town Hall meeting hosted by Otsego County District Seven Rep. Beth Rosenthal at the Old School Café in Cherry Valley. Many of the refreshments were products made in the district, highlighting the economic engine of small businesses within the district.

Rep. Rosenthal provided an understandable presentation as to the current major issues facing Otsego County. The presentation included an overview and how the county representatives are approaching these issues.

Rep. Rosenthal took questions from members of her district (District Seven includes the towns of Cherry Valley, Roseboom and Middlefield) on a wide range of issues, including several about the status of the Otsego County Manor and different options available to the county in addressing the millions of dollars subsidy county tax payers are spending to keep the Manor afloat. While the issues were heated, the discussion remained open and calm between Rosenthal and the audience.

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