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July 25, 2013

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---- — Concert brought unthinkable happenings

Never have I written back-to-back letters to the editor, but so many Cooperstown people have called our home or talked with me on the street to comment on my previous letter about the Furthur concert.

Many people said they were very upset about what happened, others said I didn’t go far enough in my first letter. Everyone agreed the police should have stopped the idling of diesel trucks on Elm Street. The law strictly prohibits diesel trucks from idling more than five minutes in residential areas.

Far more shocking stories were shared to me about the Doubleday parking area. One couple said they walked through the parking lot and that the smell of marijuana smoke was so strong you could almost get high just standing there. How thoughtful of the mayor to give us a free high right in the middle of the village. But what was worse than that, there was considerable evidence of LSD and other real hard stuff.

I could not have be more disgusted when one man described the clean-up operation. He said there were used syringes, drug paraphernalia and drunk junk all over the place. Mr. Mayor, how much did the clean up cost?

Anyone who knows anything about Grateful Dead concerts knows that all this bad stuff happens. Unlawful drinking, over-dosed druggies going to the emergency room and disgusting behavior all over the place… so, Mr. Mayor, why did we sponsor something like this.

I have lived in this lovely village for 39 years and the Dead Head concert is the lowest point in Cooperstown history.

Stan Hall