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September 3, 2009

Letters to the Editor: September 3, 2009

Preserve our treasures

This letter is in response to the letter written by Martha Frey, Ron Bishop, and James R. Dean, Adrian Kuzminski and Michael Whaling which was printed recently in the Freemans’ Journal.

It was so nice to hear that you enjoyed the woods, the lakefront and the gardens of Brookwood Gardens. In the process of enjoying this freedom did it occur to you that it takes money to preserve the properties? Did you once send in your $1000.00 a year donation, as did many of the Board members? Or did you just watch Brookwood deteriorate to the condition that it is in now? Now you say you have in good faith a gift of $40,000 which is mostly in real property located in the Village of Cooperstown.

Tell me, what is the Brookwood foundation going to do with more property?

They don’t have the means to care in due diligence with what they have. Perhaps James could sell his parcel of village property and give the proceeds to Brookwood now instead of bribing them a future donation.

You said that the property was managed solely by volunteers. No, that is incorrect.

Your Michael Whaling (one of the authors of your letter) was an employee. He was to maintain and oversee the property while living in the Brookwood house. Where was he when my husband was filling potholes in the shared driveway or clearing the road of fallen debris? If he loved the property why didn’t he maintain it, as he should have?.

Now if a non- profit organization assumes ownership of the property and they put up a no trespassing sign then where will you go? To whose door will you knock on for a free ride?

Otsego Lake is nine miles long and on it you have The Glimmerglass State Park, Fairy Springs, three-mile point, Otsego Lake Public Access Site, Council Rock (which borders the lake and the Susquehanna River) and eventually you will have the lovely gardens at Brookwood to walk, paint and enjoy.

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