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April 3, 2014

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---- — Against tree cutting

Everyone with whom I have spoken during the past two days is disgusted or really angry about the cutting of trees along Main Street. Originally there were 46 trees between Chestnut Street and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Few villages have a busy Main Street lined with trees like Cooperstown!

The timing of this ill-considered project is terrible. Why degrade our Main Street and make it look less attractive the National Baseball Hall of Fame is celebrating its 75th Anniversary? We are expecting a great turn-out of visitors from around the country and the Village is denuding Main Street. It doesn’t make sense.

The worst part of this project is the fact that it will take eight to 10 years for the new trees to grow back to the height of our current trees. To justify this clear cutting of trees on Main Street, the village received a grant to remove the trees, tear up the sidewalk and construct “water gardens” to help the new trees to survive better. Normally, grants like this do not cover all the costs and the village will pay for part of the cost. Why has the village not released any information on that?

Being skeptical of the village’s news release, I did my own research on some of the things it said. According to the release, most of the trees on Main Street don’t last more than 10 years. My count indicates there were 46 trees along Main Street, 27 fairly large trees, eight medium sized trees and six small trees. Only five of the trees could be classified as poor or in need of cutting. The 27 larges trees were all over ten years old. So, there was a little false justification in the village news release. 

The people that commented to me about cutting all those trees think we need a mayor and village board with a little common sense. I whole heartedly agree.

Stan Hall


Library offers more than books

I have always gone to the library. When I was young, my mother took my siblings and me to our local library at least once a week to select books. I felt I had the world at my fingertips, so many books to explore!

I still go to the library, not only by myself, but also with my daughters. Books are just the beginning of what the library has to offer now. Especially here in this rural area, the library has become more of a community center. I see members of our community of all ages, from young children and their families to seniors, not just getting books, but using the computers and free internet access (a necessity in an area where not everyone has accessibility), reading the newspapers, attending story hours and after school game clubs, holding club meetings, attending lectures of all types, and meeting with tutors.

There really is always activity going on at our village library. I know there are folks who believe books will one day be obsolete and that there will be no need for libraries. I do hope they can see the bigger picture and realize how essential our local library is to our community.

Annmarie Bascio


Vote to fund library

 “Why should I take on more tax burden? I don’t use the library and don’t plan to in the near future. I have all the reading materials I need right here on my IPAD, and Amazon is only a click away.”

Today’s library offers so much more than books, and our local libraries are no exception:

- Wireless computer access

- Daily (and expensive!) newspapers

- Periodicals

- Audio and video coursework

- Meeting places

- Tutoring spot

- Safe after school place for students

There are many local residents who cannot afford computer devices . There are many who live in areas without wireless access. There are many who need or want a meeting place for community and continuing education with other living, breathing human beings. Should this vote in May NOT be approved, there would be a good chance that hours, staff, programs and services would be reduced or eliminated at our local libraries in Cooperstown and Hartwick.

Please vote yes this May on the school district vote to fund Hartwick and the Village of Cooperstown Libraries.

Deb Dalton

Village Library board member