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November 19, 2009

Letters to the Editor: November 19, 2009

Soccer team is grateful

The 2009 Class C champion Cooperstown boys varsity soccer team would like to thank all those loyal fans who supported us this year.

We appreciate all those who followed us through our season. We are very grateful for your support at our matches during sectional play.

Sometimes, the weather was less than favorable but you were there to cheer us on.

Knowing so many cared was like having an extra player. The shouts, cheers and applause were always positively felt.

Our championship is not just a team award, it is a community award — Many Thanks!

Head coach Frank Miosek and the Cooperstown boys varsity soccer team

Mayor: enjoy grandchildren

I have, on occasion, stopped in the Cooperstown mayor’s place of business to offer an opinion on one village matter or another and often to give her thanks on a position she has taken.

I didn’t do it often enough! It is difficult to see someone leave office who has done such an exemplary job of representing the best interest of all of us — business and residents, young and old, Democrat and Republican — with such a strong measure of good sense.

I’ve spent my career representing small businesses in several capacities, owning my own small business and reporting on workings of local municipalities for a community newspaper. I understand that local government, to be effective, has to deal with its problems on the most basic ``mop and shovel’’ level.

She has brought to the job the ability to cut through the rhetoric to see where the debris is the deepest and has worked to clean up those situations whatever they were, while others around her have often chosen to add to the piles of woe.

The job of mayor takes courage to make the decisions you feel are right — courage to go against the wishes of some of your friends and neighbors — the people you see every day, in your place of business, at church, at the gym, walking the dog.

It takes a special kind of courage for an elected official to cross the aisle to endorse the candidate of another party. Mayor Waller has exhibited that courage in her endorsement of Democrat Jeff Katz to be her successor.

I will save anyone who is interested from looking up my registration; I am a lifetime Democrat. I look forward to supporting Mr. Katz in the coming election. His sign has a place on my lawn.

I feel his experience and tempered responses will keep balance between business and residential interests. I think his tenure will be guided by the same principles, as was Mayor Waller’s.

He is capable, but most of all, he has shown himself to be fair and reasoned. And, he has shown himself to be worthy of the respect of Mrs. Waller.

To Mayor Waller: enjoy those grandchildren — and enjoy going home after time spent with them.

Sally R. Eldred

Thanks for your support

I am writing to thank your readers who voted for my second term as a Town of Otsego board member, who allowed me to post a sign on or near their property, and who supported me and wished me well in this election. I think I have picked up all my signs at this point.

If I missed one, please let me know so I can retrieve it. I think it shows respect for the citizens to remove political signs promptly after an election. And I want everyone to know that no matter what your beliefs or ideas, I will do my best to act in your best interests.

I encourage each of you to talk with me, express your thoughts, ask your questions, to tell me what you think. I can only represent you if I know what is on your mind.

I approach each idea with my mind open and I look for and study the facts. I do not jump to conclusions. And I realize that an atmosphere of cordiality is the only one in which people can truly speak their minds.

Anne Geddes-Atwell
Fly Creek

This Democrat is truly grateful

Now that she has announced that she will not seek re-election, Mayor Waller should be inundated with well-deserved encomiums from her fellow residents for her years of dedicated service to the village.

As an appreciative resident, permit me to add my voice to the chorus. During her earlier service as a village trustee, I had occasion to become directly involved with the village board as an original trustee of the Friends of Doubleday. With some of my fellow board members, I appeared several times before the thenmayor and trustees to discuss our organization’s proposals for the preservation of Doubleday Field.

Although she did not approve of some of our proposals, I found trustee Waller always to be fair, open minded, and concerned with putting the interests of the village first.

During her tenure as mayor, I admired the decorum Mayor Waller exhibited in chairing public meetings, especially those regarding parking and last spring’s budget hi-jinks.

It was amazing to see her retain her composure when confronted witháirrational and emotional outbursts from the public and the sometimes disingenuous comments and positions of some of her fellow board members. Her doing so evinced a remarkable ability to suffer fools lightly. For her years of faithful service to our village, this life-long Democrat is truly grateful.

Godspeed Madame Mayor.

John A. Rudy

A selfless and courageous endorsement

I want to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed Mayor, Carol Waller, for her many years of dedicated public service to our community. Her tireless leadership and knowledge have undoubtedly improved the quality of life of our Village.

Additionally, with her selfless and courageous endorsement of Deputy Mayor Katz for Mayor, she once again proves her priorities are for the good of the Village, by selecting a candidate that will continue her outstanding leadership qualities. I wish Mayor Waller the best and success in whatever future endeavors she decides to pursue.

Richard D. Abbate