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December 10, 2009

Letters to the Editor: December 10, 2009

Not very neighborly

I have had the privilege of working in Cooperstown for the past 30 some years, first in the county office building and then at a real estate office, and for the past 20 years at the Lake Front Motel as assistant to Paula Wikoff.

Recently, Paula came in front of the Board of Trustees of Cooperstown to have the Lake Front Motel property classification changed to ``Hotel’’ so she could more easily pursue a project involving some changes and updates to the motel.

The changes she has proposed are to simply update the facade of the building to give them a more updated appearance, while still making it appealing to the eye along the lake.

Also, to utilize some wasted space along the upper side of the East side to make a couple more rooms there so she can make the rooms along the lower level a little larger and handicap accessible.

She also wants to slightly change the pitch of the roof so the snow will slide off, instead of having to be shoveled, by raising the existing rooflines two feet.

That is only 24 inches. The number of rooms when complete will actually decrease. Right from the start of this project, Paula made it clear to the designer that she wanted to go to the minimum height to obtain the needed pitch for snow to slide off. She then invited her neighbors to stop by the office so she could show them her plans and discuss with them any concerns they had.

She even went so far as to cut a piece of plywood to set on top of the existing roof to show how the 24- inch height would only change the view by a sliver.

She did this for her neighbors.

Neighbors, who when they added on to their buildings, Paula voiced no issue. Neighbors, who when they asked her for a boat slip on her docks so they could just walk down from the corner, she said sure.

Neighbors, who when they wanted to have a commercial daycare center located at their residential property with the play yard directly behind her rooms for sleep, she voiced no issue.

Now, how has she been treated in return?

There are many employees who rely on the Lake Front to make their living, as so many in the area do, during the tourist season.

In these economic times it is getting more and more difficult to compete with the 50s-style motel, regardless of how well it’s maintained, with the numerous chain hotels popping up all over.

Commercial businesses in Cooperstown are very important to the economic base and need to be considered just as important as the historical residences. This issue needs to be addressed by a zoning board — and if you really want to be in the correct historical frame, the property along this area of the lake should be reverted back to the original zoning classification that it was at the beginning of the settlement of Cooperstown — commercial.

Rosemary McCarthy


Wishing them the best

For over five years the Lions Club of Cooperstown has enjoyed the abundant hospitality of Lynn Hathaway and his staff at O’Hanlan’s Steakhouse in the Hartwick Commons.

Having been treated so well for such a long time, we are very sad to see the restaurant closed. During our bi-monthly meetings, as well as when we celebrated special occasions, we always found the service polite and friendly and the food to our liking.

We will miss Deb, Colleen, Jessica and the others who made our time at O’Hanlans so pleasant. We wish Lynn the best.

David Pearlman

Lions Club

Co-chairs say please join us

As co-chairs of the 2009 Bassett New Year’s Eve Gala, ``Carnaval Maravilhosa, A Mardi Gras Ball,’’ we extend our sincere appreciation to the committee members, corporate sponsors and auction donors who help make the fundraiser a highly anticipated holiday event. Hosted by the Friends of Bassett, the all-inclusive, one-stop evening at The Otesaga supports vital Bassett initiatives that benefit our communities. This year, proceeds are designated to Bassett’s radiology and imaging capital needs.

We thank each member of the Gala committee: Mary Bonderoff, Theresa Casale, Leigh Connor, Colleen Donnelly, Marilyn Garman, Jill Ghaleb, Doris Hill, Joan Hutchings, Nancy Irvin, Dana Jakubowicz, Marcia Kozubek, Aletha Martinez, Amanda May, John McGlynn, Anne Myers, Elizabeth Parsons, Kay Pierro, Joan Leventhal, Dorothy Marsh, Polly Renckens, Joan Russo, Maureen Schuermann, Robert Snyder, Vera Talevi, Carol Waller, Kristin Waller-Donovan, Christine Weiss, Bruce Wilhelm and Brian Wrubleski.

Kudos to the members of the Auctions committee: Chairperson Gayle Smith, John Anagnost, Colleen Donnelly, Mary Dunkle, Penney Gentile, Nancy Irvin, Dana Jakubowicz, Lawrence Lewis, Alyssa McGoldrick, Margaret Mc- Gown, Nicole Retzler, Ellen Sanford, John Sanford, Robert Schneider, Gwen Schuster, Gwen-Ellen Snyder and Joan White.

The Gala’s lead sponsors are NYCM Insurance and SEFCU, as well as all of our corporate, supporting and participating sponsors.

Our appreciation also extends to Herrick Gibbons, owner of Riverwood, Cooperstown; Glimmerglass Opera; Hyde Hall; and Vitullo’s Formal Shop.

Call 547-3928 for a reservation. If you do not plan to attend but would like to bid on auction items, request an Auctions booklet, which contains descriptions of all items.

Cindy Seward

Sally E. Graumlich

Gala Co-Chairs