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February 12, 2010

Letters to the Editor: February 11, 2010

Support those you favor

I am announcing that I have resigned as Chairman of the Village of Cooperstown Republican Committee. I do this primarily to devote more time to caring for my wife who is dealing with some health issues and who also is in process of winding up her very successful history of service to the Village.

In addition, I feel it is the proper time to step down and let others continue the traditions that were started over thirty years ago when Tom Malone and I quenched the Union Ticket and brought competitive elections to Cooperstown. Prior to that, candidates were ``selected’’ by a few and voted in by as little as 15 in the Village’s general elections.

The culmination of this effort was dramatically seen at our last Republican Caucus where a record number of people turned out and selected their candidates for Village office.á Truly these candidates were chosen not by a few in a back room, but rather by the acclamation of the many.

These candidates, good people from both parties, will now go out and speak with residents, learn issues, propose solutions and show why they deserve the people’s vote for this office.á And because of this free and open process, most of our registered voters will turn out and cast their ballots, voting their free choice for their leaders.

This is the hallmark of our democracy; this free election and simple peaceful transfer of leadership without violence and civil unrest, which our founding fathers foresaw when they created our country and led us by way of a Constitution that we all still follow.

While some may say that this system is chaotic and voters do not always choose the ``right’’ candidate, our system is far better than a hierarchal decree of power and far superior to the outright forceful seizures so prevalent in other countries.á So far superior, that all of us should embrace this process and contribute to it in any way we can. Support those that you favor and work to bring their attributes to the forefront so that we may all learn who that candidate is and make an informed choice; for that precious gift that we have been given by our Founders, that gift preserved through the sacrifice of many and that gift fought for by a brave few; that gift of our vote is a special privilege we must cherish forever.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, the voters of our Village. William Waller


I am committed to the village

I want to introduce myself to the voters of the Village of Cooperstown. My name is Leslie Friedman, and I am running as a candidate for Village Justice of Cooperstown in the March, 2010 election.

Mayor Waller appointed me as Acting Village Justice of Cooperstown last July, and I have served in that capacity with Enid Hinkes, the current elected Village Justice. Since my appointment, I have become well adept at dealing with the Cooperstown justice system and its players, including the various police departments, the assistant district attorneys, the public defenders and the local attorneys who appear before us.

In addition, I have the integrity and educational background to make the sound and fair decisions and judgments that are required to properly function as a Village Justice. I graduated from Bryn Mawr College and New York University School of Law.

I have been practicing law in various capacities for over 25 years including private practice here in Cooperstown. I am entirely committed to the Village of Cooperstown. I have lived in the area for almost 8 years. I have children in the schools, where I have been very active in the classroom.

My husband is a physician at Bassett. My entire family enjoys active participation in community life and activities. I bring a sense of justice, fairness and commitment to the position as Village Justice of Cooperstown, and I hope that you will bestow upon me the honor to continue to so serve you.

Leslie B. Friedman


I have a proven record of success

My name is Joe Booan and I am a candidate for Mayor of Cooperstown in the upcoming election. As your Trustee for the past year, I clearly see the challenges that we face as a community. I offer my experience as a proven professional administrator to help address the many challenges that we face.

I understand what it means to raise a family, work two jobs to pay the bills, and I see the struggles that people are having in stressed economic times. I have always worked hard for what I have earned, and have been careful on how I spent those earnings. As I grew up in Cooperstown, I learned valuable lessons from my parents, grandparents, teachers, and coaches. These included: focus on a goal, play fair, live with honor, and respect others, know the value of money, be accountable for your actions, lead by example, itÆs ok to fall down, as long as you get back up and try again, be part of something bigger than yourself, understand that what is popular is not always right; what is right is not always popular, and serve.

As your Mayor, I will dedicate myself to the work that it will take to preserve our traditions, while ensuring financial stability. We need strong leadership in our community. As your Mayor, let us: create a vision for Cooperstown, ensure efficiency and access in our government, develop focused short and long term goals, listen to all stakeholders, and seek positive relationships with our community partners. I have a proven record of success as a leader and hope to earn your support on Election Day.

Joe Booan, Jr.


Thanks for the support

First of all, we’d like to thank all of you for your support in putting on the 44th annual Cooperstown Winter Carnival. Many, many individuals put forward time, effort, monetary donations and opened their businesses over the weekend to make this year’s Wild Wild Winter Carnival a success! We had a great time, enjoyed good food, fun contests and music and most of all, great company. Thank you for attending events, entering your talents into contests and braving the cold weather.

Congratulations to all the award winners over the weekend. A small number of 50/50 raffle tickets were not received in time to make it into the raffle drawing that took place during the event. We sincerely apologize for the error and will be contacting any community member who was affected by this immediately to refund their raffle money. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Winter Carnival Committee via email at coop erstownwintercarnival@gma Thank you in advance for your understanding. We are already looking forward to a wonderful event in 2011.

The Cooperstown Winter Carnival Committee

Cabaret Night a success

This past Friday, Friends of CCS Music and Art (FOMA) hosted the annual Cabaret Night, for the seventeenth year (one year longer than previously reported). Not only is Cabaret Night an important fund-raiser for FOMA’s summer scholarships, but a well-loved and supported community event. A huge thank you goes to the many individuals, businesses and organizations whose contributions made the evening a great success.

``It seems each year it grows just a bit more.’’ And who would know better than Cabaret veteran Mark LaValley, who once again provided sound equipment and his expertise. This year, Mark added some spots and mood lighting. These elements, combined with the dTcor and dual stages, created a wonderful ambiance and quick transition time between acts. Appreciation and thanks go to Music Department members Sal Salvaggio, Tim Iversen and Peter Daum, and Kaitlin Esford who encouraged and prepared the student performers, and orchestrated the staging. Thanks also to the Art Department’s Kristen Karasek and Eileen Murphy and their students whose original sculptures helped create a wonderful environment.

We welcomed back seasoned musicians from the community and student body, and were delighted by the talented newcomers who performed. Thanks to Rebecca Burk-Sciallo, our emcee, who announced the following the cabaret features:

Jake Burnham, Jack Siegel, Julien Miller, Hans Ofer, Lizzie Kenison, Joey Katz, Jacob Russell, Nate Olmstead, Josh Olmstead, Virginia Ofer, Kurt Ofer, Georgia Hren-Saphier, Julia Robinson, Henry Bauer, Anna Sams, Abby Wilcox, Toby Wilcox, Eamonn Maguire, Desmond Brown, George Landon, Michael Toulson, and the talented members of the following groups: 4th Grade Instrumental, 5th Grade Instrumental and Vocal, High School Women’s Choir, Native Sons, Harmonia, Middle School Jazz Band, High School Jazz Band, Small Town Big Band, Not Quite Over the Hill Singers, and Cheese of the Misty Ceremony, who wrapped up the evening.

We had the largest raffle to date due to the amazing generosity of local artists, businesses, and organizations, with prizes donated by: Sunny Leinhart, Mary Nolan, May-Britt Joyce, Roberta Hohensee, Janet Rigby, Quirky Works Studio, Mandy Robinson, Patty Murphy, Russell Honicker, Carefree Gardens, Cooperstown Wine and Spirits, On Queue Performing Artists, Alex and Ika Restaurant, Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown Chamber Music Festival, Cooperstown Concert Series, Cooperstown Natural Foods, Cooperstown Wine and Spirits, Doubleday Cafe, Fit To Be Tied Yoga Studio, Glimmerglass Opera, National Baseball Hall of Fame , New York State Historical Association, Mikal Skye-Shrewsberry, and Smithy-Pioneer Gallery. Thanks also to two donors who brought a raffle item on the evening. Additionally, a Harvest Basket raffle prize was created with apples from Middlefield Orchard and potatoes from Heller’s Farm .

This produce was in addition to that donated for the entire dinner by these two local farms many know from the Cooperstown Farmer’s Market. Big thanks to Teresa Drerup and Annie Stewart who helped make the fresh applesauce.

Other area businesses that have our thanks for their essential support are: Cooperstown General Store, Fly Creek Cider Mill, Hoffman Lane Bistro, Stewart’s Shops, Schneider’s Bakery, P&C;, Price Chopper, BJ’s Warehouse Club and Walmart’s.

Many thanks go to all the volunteers who baked desserts, worked in the kitchen to prepare and serve food, washed dishes, and helped take down decorations and clean up. A special thanks to the Leo Club student volunteers coordinated by David Pearlman and Paul Weber. The hard working Leo Club made it possible for us to bring back real plates and silverware this year, saving costs and the environment.

My final expression of gratitude goes to the FOMA members who meet monthly and worked hard to make Cabaret Night a success again this year: Teresa Drerup, Dina Sams, Roberta and tom Hohensee, John Saphier, Janet Rigby, Mike Bauer, patty Murphy, Liane Hirabayashi, Dorothy Tang, Leslie Boyles, Grace Olmstead, and especially Annie Stewart, who has been patiently showing me how to do the Job! And of course to all the folks who came, supported, and had fun!

Holly Hren

Friends of Music and Art

Mebust has my support

Lynne Mebust, my friend, neighbor and our committed Village Trustee, has my support and needs yours for the upcoming election on March 16. Lynne’s representation of Cooperstown residents during the last three years on the Streets and Building Committee, the Parks Board and the Police Committee brought about positive change for our community. Her tenure has resulted in improvements at our Badger Park ice skating rink and increased revenue for the village through paid parking.

Lynne’s professional background of grant writing and non-profit management brings an acute understanding of focused research skills and team leadership. Some of her many community contributions include a threeyear term as PTO treasurer and Crayon Carnival chair with her work benefiting our elementary school and students.

With a commonsense approach to problems garnered from past and present work experiences, Lynne remains on task with issues presented before her resulting in thoughtful and responsible outcomes.

Vote for Lynne this March 16; let Lynne continue to keep our community government working for Cooperstown citizens. A vote for Lynne is a positive vote for all local residents.

Ann Lindsay-Brown


I offer my full support for Katz

I am writing to offer my full support for Jeff Katz in his bid for Mayor of Cooperstown. Jeff first of all is a ``Fan’’ of Cooperstown with a history and a love of Cooperstown that dates back to the 1970s. He began making yearly trips in the 1980s and ultimately chose to relocate with his family and settle here.

As a resident of the Village Jeff has had experience with the many things that work well here and as well as concern and an awareness of challenges we are facing. He has been an active contributor to the community primarily as a two term elected Village Trustee and has most recently as our Deputy Mayor. Jeff has worked on generating new revenues for the Village through his efforts on Doubleday Field Concerts and parking. These have been difficult times and as we face further issues with the economy and our infrastructure needs here in Cooperstown he offers both experience for the position and fresh ideas.

Jeff has also been active in the Rotary Club and with the Cooperstown Concert Series. I know him best through our working on the Concert Series. Jeff has a deep respect of the history of our organization as we celebrate our 40th year.

Richard Brown Cooperstown