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June 13, 2013

Paid parking glitches frustrate both sides

Public hearing still sparsely attended


“If we’re going to do this to make money for the village, then let’s do this right,” he continued. “Every spot in the (tourist area) should be paid parking.”

Although he is in favor of paid parking, Russo did have some criticisms and other suggestions to improve the program.

“Short term, the signs need to be improved. Someone needs to walk the street and take a look at it to make sure they all make sense,” he said. “It is confusing where you pay for which parking spaces. I am not sure why we need 15 minute parking. And the handicapped spaces need to be consistent. Right now, some are for 30 minutes, some are for 2 hours. I think that is very confusing to people.”

Russo said he also had a problem with overnight parking.

“I am also confused why we don’t have overnight parking in the (village) Chestnut Street lot,” he said. “We have to be honest; a lot of people live in apartments on Main Street. Right now, people park there during the day, but at night they have to move their cars to the (Doubleday) lot. Then they have to get up in the morning and move them back.”

“That lot (Chestnut Street) is the most underutilized piece of real estate in the village,” he continued. “You should just sell it to me. I will make something out of it.”

John Sansevere, a Chestnut Street resident, said he also was in favor of expanding paid parking. 

“I think it is a good thing, but I don’t think we are doing enough of it. I would like to extend it up Chestnut Street and I would like to extend the hours,” he said.

“My feeling is if we use the money right for the village, then I don’t think the residents will complain about it,” he added.

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