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March 13, 2014

Village begins budget work

Work has begun and the 2014-2015 village budget with the goal of keeping things pretty much the same as the 2013-2014 budget.

“Normally I wouldn’t be the first person to say this, but I think in this environment, it is best to keep everything steady,” Cooperstown Mayor Jeff Katz said.

The village consolidation of the courts system will affect the state-tax cap, making a holding-steady plan even more desirable. Instead of a two-percent cap, Cooperstown would only receive a potential 1.4-percent raise.

The village trustees met on March 6 and 10 in special meetings to project revenues and question line items on budget requests, seeking to close a gap that began the week at about $600,000. Department heads answered questions at the second meeting.

The tentative budget is due March 20. Katz said he wasn’t sure if the trustees would need one more meeting next week until he heard back on several questions Village Treasurer Ed .

The village projects $370,000 in parking revenues in 2014, plus $25,000 in permits. In on-street paid parking, $170,000 is projected, while Doubleday Field increases to $200,000 thanks to an extended season and 40 percent rise in cost. The village has also restored $10,000 to projections for sale taxes in July in anticipation of a big Induction Weekend.

The biggest item in the budget is a new dump truck for the streets department. Katz said some other vehicle purchases could be in or out of the tentative depending on some shared services requests.

Irish Hill Road is scheduled for repaving and the village is moving forward on taking over Cooper Lane.

Pine Boulevard was the street on the bubble, and appears to be out of the budget for now. Repaving Pine would cost about $67,000.

“It’s a big road, and it is really is two roads, so it was an expensive project,” Katz said.

Katz said restoring depleted funds, updating vehicles and 22 Main Street were big priorities for this year’s budget. He also said the budget would be the first in years to not take money out of the water surplus.

After the tentative is approved, the village will set a public hearing for the final budget.

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