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October 17, 2013

Fly Creek couple win historic award

Martins helped create FC Historical Society


“My wife and I started preserving the historical homes. We would go to the town court and look up the deeds and go back to the original owner,” Peter said.

The Martins helped to preserve 40 homes in their years with the FCHS. Peter said it’s sometimes difficult to find out how old a home is because there isn’t an exact record, but he estimates based on the structure’s architecture.

Though the homes are historically preserved there aren’t limitations put on those homes in terms of remodeling, Peter said.

“Some historical districts have limited things they can do with architecture. We didn’t want any of that here,” Peter explained.

Peter served as Vice President of the FCHS from 1989-1991 and from 2003 to the present year. He also served as President from 1991-1996.

Peter and Dorothy also served on the archival committee for the FCHS.

Peter said the most common thing he archives is paperwork but that he also documents and sorts farm machinery and household items.

“The hardest job is doing it and recording it the right way so it’s useful for the future,” Peter Martin said.

“It’s just like a library. Everything is numbered and that’s the only way you can keep track of where things are,” Peter continued.

Peter said that he is still an active member of the FCHS and that he mostly focus’ on the archives. He and Dorothy were happy to receive the award.

“We appreciate being recognized for the hours we put in,” Peter said.

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