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April 8, 2010

Shooting leaves residents dismayed: New mayor’s statement

After canceling a press conference scheduled for Monday afternoon, new Mayor Joe Booan made the following statement during the village’s reorganizational meeting Monday night concerning Friday’s shooting incident.

``Last Friday afternoon, just three short days ago, our small, beautiful community was the site of a tragic event involving our children. What was considered invulnerable became vulnerable.

We are confused and saddened.

``Our thoughts and prayers go out to the two young men and their families. We can’t imagine what they are going through.

``Many young people, friends, and visitors were in our village last Friday. Our sincerest thoughts go out to them as they seek to understand the past few day’s events.

``Our response as a community was swift. We took immediate steps to be safe. As mayor, I have been in direct communication with our Chief of Police, Otsego County Sheriff’s Department, New York State Police, and the District Attorney’s office. I have also been in contact with our superintendent and principal at Cooperstown Central. We have debriefed as a village staff. We are working collaboratively to provide assistance to our community.

``I will take every measure to ensure that our village remains a safe, healthy, and vibrant community in which to live and work. Life will go on and together, we will move forward from this event.

``I ask the board of trustees and our village employees that all contacts with the media go directly through my office. As we all know, no specific information can be given as this investigation is continuing. As soon as it is possible, the village will release a press statement. At that point, I ask that all inquiry be directed to the District Attorney’s Office.

``I appreciate your cooperation.’’

‘‘Thank you.’’