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April 8, 2010

Shooting leaves residents dismayed


``My fear is that it will be answered by greater physical measures meant to prevent the act: metal detectors, ID badges, locked doors and the like, when what is needed is more vigilance and caring and emotional security on the part of our close-knit community,’’ he added.

Pearlman said there is a need to treat the cause of such behavior, not just the means to carry it out.

``All adults need to teach teens that it’s OK to be kind to each other, said Pearlman. ``But that’s hard with adolescents, who are in a very Darwinian stage of life.’’

Trustee Jeff Katz said Monday that he had returned home from New York City for only 10 minutes Friday afternoon when he received a call from Mayor Carol Waller about the shooting. He said that what he saw over the weekend was a community that was ``confused, hurt and troubled.’’

``It was community living on rumors and stories,’’ he said. ``Whatever we can make public to provide some answers, we should.’’

Chairman of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Jane Forbes Clark released a statement that said, “As Cooperstown is a close-knit community, Friday’s events have touched all of us. We are deeply saddened for the families of those involved in this tragedy. The Hall of Fame and the entire Cooperstown community have supported each other for more than 70 years and we are here to help this very special community in any way possible to heal from this event.’’

Trustee Lynne Mebust, whose sons attend Cooperstown Central School said, ``in my 10 years here I have never seen any examples of overt racism. I never hear the kids talking about the problem.’’ Pacherille is white. Lippitt is black.

Catherine Lake Ellsworth, a Pioneer Street resident, said a terrible tragedy has befallen the Village of Cooperstown and the uncertainty surrounding the reason has only made matters worse.

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