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December 13, 2012

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Cooperstown Crier

---- — A Moist and Merry Arrival

Thank you from the Cooperstown Community Christmas Committee to everyone who helped to bring Santa and Mrs. Claus to their cozy cottage on Main Street and waited in the rain to greet them. A little moisture couldn’t dampen the spirit of the holiday parade in Cooperstown. Thirty-three little riders had the time of their lives in Santa’s sleigh, the CCS Middle School Marching Band, led by Tim Iverson, looked and sounded wonderful, and Sal Salvaggio and the CCS Chorus helped to sing Santa and Mrs. Claus down the street.

Along with those above, a special thank you goes out to the following: Leatherstocking Corporation for our village tree, Lake and Valley Garden Club for putting together all the decorating kits year after year, The General Store, Riverwood, Danny’s, Fly Creek Cider Mill, Bill Waller, Satriano Family, Pearlman Family, Bucky Graham, the Baseball Hall of Fame, Leo Club, CCS High School Health classes, The Pit for their wonderful yearly Decorating Day feast, Lasting Expressions Photography, Greg Hall, Fire Police, village of Cooperstown, Mayor Katz, Krahnert’s Tree Farm for the pretty Pioneer Street trees, Police Department, David Peplinski and the sixth grade elves, the faculty and staff of CCS, Tommy Franck and Joey Katz, Ann Cannon and Molly Myers, Cooperstown Fire Department, Mohican Flowers, Theresa and Lizzy Russo, Mike Desimone, Julie and Paul Tirrell, Max Ofer, Glen Falk, Chris Graham and the guys from Tallman Tree Service, Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce, Don Raddatz, Carefree Garden for the annual wreath, all those who come to decorate, who stop by the cottage to wish Santa well, who give generously to help us fund this wonderful community gathering, truly an expression of the great heart of Cooperstown.

Enjoy the Holidays and best to everyone in the New Year!

Donations will still be ecstatically accepted: P.O. Box 428, Cooperstown, N.Y. 13326

Cooperstown Community Christmas Committee

Friends of Football

say thanks

The Cooperstown Friends of Football Committee would like to thank everyone that helped support us in 2012. Your generous contributions at the Hartwick Breakfast and other fundraisers allowed us to provide the players, cheerleaders and coaches with individual and team photos and buttons, bag lunches for away games, a homecoming game under the lights, awards banquet, modified pizza party, team gifts, and team video.

Congratulations to the winners of the cash raffle: first place, 25 percent of funds generated, Michael Powers; second place, 10 percent of funds generated, McKayla Fay and third place, 5 percent of funds generated, John Ford.

Special thanks to the Cooperstown Booster Club, Country Junction Candles, Smith Ford, Stewarts, NY Pizzeria, Reis Moving and Storage Automatic Carwash, TOPS grocery and Price Chopper for their continued support. Thanks to the players, cheerleaders and coaches for an exciting season. We look forward to next year.

Joe Booan, Chris Hage, Conney Haney, Lisa Booan, and Mary Harmon

Friends of Football

Gas prices too high

The gasoline prices in Cooperstown (and Oneonta) are totally out of line. Go in any direction away from this area and the prices drop drastically. For the last four months the price of gasoline in Richfield Springs had been approximately 16 cents or more per gallon cheaper. And that is at stations owned by the same companies which own stations in Cooperstown; Stewarts and Taylors. They both want to be known as our “Hometown Neighborhood Store.”

On Friday, Aug. 22, the price for regular gas at most stations I saw in Utica and Richfield Springs, was $3.699. On the same day, the price in Cooperstown at our “Hometown Neighborhood Stores” was $3.979 and $3.999 respectively. That’s a 28 and 30 cents per gallon difference.

On Nov. 9, I went to Albany. In Cooperstown the price of gas was $3.979 at both stations. On US Highway 20 in Sharon Springs at Stewarts the price was $3.859; in Esperance and Duanesburg at Stewarts the price was $3.819. Around Albany the prices were between $3.759 to $3.809. I purchased gasoline for $3.699.

In the past, I asked a representative of Taylors why the cost of gas was so high in Cooperstown? I was told that it costs more to truck it to Cooperstown. Oh silly me, I didn’t figure that cost in because the company-owned delivery truck leaves Cooperstown in the morning and returns in the afternoon. After I laughed, I was advised the higher price here helps to make up for the lower prices in other areas, where they have to be competitive due to the competition. I have talked to a representative of Stewarts in Saratoga, who assured me that they were doing everything to keep the gasoline prices down in Cooperstown.

I hope everyone in Cooperstown appreciates our “Hometown Neighborhood Stores.” Maybe all of the year-round residents of this area should show our appreciation of these stores. For one week we should give the local gas stations a break and purchase our fuel out of town. This would be a way to show our support to them, for the way they treat us during the year, especially during the off-tourist season.

James Tallman