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October 24, 2013

Village ready for sidewalks project|

Cooperstown Crier

---- — Thanks in part to a Green Innovation Grant Program, the village of Cooperstown has announced the start of the Main Street sidewalks project.

The village of Cooperstown held an open forum Oct. 15 to explain the scope of the project. Mayor Jeff Katz estimated the size of the crowd at about 25 people.

Over two years of projects, and two budget years, the village will match 1 to 2, the $636,854 GIGP grant from the state. The village will pay $330,000 as its share. 

“I thought it was a good group of people with good questions,” Katz said. “Some of the questions were very specific about the type of historic brick we will be using.”

Using a powerpoint from trustee Cindy Falk, who did the grant writing on the project, the presentation showed the bricks, the drainage and the need to replacing existing trees with mature trees in specific sidewalk friendly tree boxes. 

The project will cover Main Street; on the south side, from Chestnut Street to Fair Street; on the north side from the Cooperstown Diner to Hoffman Lane. It will take place over 2014 and 2015, with start up as soon as possible in March or April through early June and resuming September through November.

“We’ll shut down in the summer,” Katz said. “Similar to the Walnut to Chestnut situation, we know that there will be disruptions, but it won’t be in season and we won’t be doing it all at once. It will be spread out over four seasons and that way we can pay for it in two budgets.”

The project will feature green drainage systems and include lighting and accessible curbing. Existing trees will be taken out and new trees will be planted in ways that roots won’t break the new sidewalks.