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October 31, 2013


Writer supports Schallert, Keator, Hulse

In the upcoming election, voters of the Town of Otsego and Otsego County are faced with several important choices that will have a great impact on our everyday lives as residents and taxpayers. I am asking that all of you join me in supporting the following candidates for election on Nov. 5:

John Schallert’s career in the construction industry with specific knowledge of road maintenance and bridge construction is invaluable to our Town. As a superintendent of interstate road and bridge projects his knowledge of projects, costs, materials and machinery is invaluable for our Town. As a past two-term Councilman he is fully knowledgeable of the Town budget and Highway Department. He will put our taxpayer money to its best and most efficient use while keeping our roads clear and in good repair. Mr. Pernat claims to have experience but a detailed review of Town minutes will reflect a tenuous ten-month term as Highway Superintendent coupled with part-time snow plowing for the town. The Supervisor at a board meeting thanked Pete a highway employee for doing the paper work for FEMA or the town would have lost a lot of money from the flood. As for recently resided Democrat, his hop-scotch resume does not serve the interests of our Town.

Rick Hulse right kind of private-sector experience we need on our County Board. His plan of implementing a County-Wide, Government Functional Process Map will aid the legislators in making better-informed decisions that are more aligned with the County Plan. As a seasoned businessman with experience worldwide, he can offer unique and creative solutions to overcome our County budget deficit create jobs and make government more efficient.

Ed Keator for County Treasurer – Ed has experience in our County Treasurer’s office and specifically, with the County budget. He is the current Treasurer of the Village of Cooperstown and during this very confusing time in our County Treasurer’s Office, Ed is committed to serving a full 4 year term to give our taxpayers the stability they deserve.

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