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November 21, 2013

Hunters still need orange for safety


Bear and deer hunting with firearms opened Saturday. There are several things hunters may have done to prepare for the three-week season.

Although New York state law does not require hunters to wear bright orange, studies on the Environmental Conservation website say that hunters wearing blaze orange are seven times less likely to be injured than hunters who are not wearing orange.

“During the past 10 years, not one person who was wearing hunter orange was mistaken for game and killed in New York,” the website states. “On the contrary, big-game hunters who were involved in firearm-related incidents were not wearing hunter orange.”

In addition to blaze orange, worn to ensure hunters can visually recognize other hunters, Losie recommended layers of warm clothing that are appropriate to the temperature, a good pair of boots, a hunting knife and a survival bag with food, water, a thermal blanket, a flashlight and matches.

“If you get lost, you want to have some food and water, and a blanket in case you are not found by nightfall,” Losie said. “I tell everyone going hunting always to tell someone where you are going, especially of you are out hunting alone. A lot of time you get out there and you think you are OK because you have a cell phone, and then you realize there is no coverage in the woods.”

In addition, hunters should be physically ready to walk several miles up and down hills.

There have been underreported incidents of heart attacks during the hunting season, according to information provided by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Heart attacks are responsible for more hunting related incidents than careless hunting practices in the state of New York.

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